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 Niracamda the shiny houndour

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PostSubject: Niracamda the shiny houndour   Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:30 pm

» Name:Niracamda, nickname Nira
» Sex: Female
» Gender: Female
» Species: #288, Shiny houndour, the dark pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer (and a medic)

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Flash Fire
» Moves:
- Leer (lvl1)
-Ember (lvl1)
-Howl (lvl4)

» Natural Feats:
-Communication: Houndour are very adept at communicating with other Houndour using many different cries that only those of their own species can understand. Because of this, even Houndour with normally bad communication skills can work very well with other Houndour.

Natural Feats for Houndoom:
-Fright: Its howling induces shivering in other Pokémon, and often sends them scurrying back to their nests.

-Toxic Flames: Its gut is full of toxins, which are used to create fire. This gives Houndoom's fire a foul odor and the wounds it inflicts will never heal.

» Personality: Niracamda is a very kind pokemon who is always prepared to help others. She is naive and always tries to see the good in other pokemon. She can get along with a lot of pokemon because of that. On the other hand, others can easily use her. She is good at listening and she is pretty understanding and compassionate. Nira is also very patient and tolerant. It will take a lot to make her angry. She doesn't have a lot of self-confidence as a medic and can feel bad for a while when she messes up. Still, she tries to not let herself feel down. Even if she would be crying on the inside she would still be smiling.  It is pretty rare for her to show her pain to anyone. She doesn't want others to worry about her and she tries to always be positive, not for herself but for others. Niracamda is pretty determined and a bit stubborn. When there is someone in dire need for treatment, she will try to help the Pokemon no matter what. It doesn't matter who they are. She will help anyone.

When she isn't helping pokemon she is trying to make friends or she is spending time with them. Niracamda is normally pretty cheerful and social. She tries to make a lot of friends and often takes initiative to talk to others. She rather doesn't tell strangers about her personal life but there are enough other things she can talk about. On other times she is exploring. She has a habit of examining unknown herbs and plants to see if they have any medical uses.

» Likes: -Helping pokemon: Niracamda has her heart on the right place. Nothing makes her more happy than to save pokemon and help them with their problems. Seeing others happy also makes her happy.

-Socializing: She loves to meet new people. She is very social and can't have enough friends. She loves talking and listening to the stories of others.

-Exploring: She loves seeing new places and meeting all kinds of people.

-Learning new things: She is very curious and would love to gain as much knowledge as she can. She thinks that with more knowledge she would be able to be a better medic.

-Sharing her knowledge: It makes her really happy to see someone else being interested in learning about being a medic. She thinks that if more pokemon have any knowledge about this, more would be able to help a pokemon in need and thus more pokemon would end up being saved. It might just be something she tells herself, but she doesn't care.

» Dislikes: –Fighting: She really hates hurting others. Only wanting to help others, she is prone to avoid any fights, even if they happen to be with ferals. If an argument evolves into a fight, she might try to stop it, depending on the situation. She will not intervene with friendly sparring matches.

-When others hide they are hurt: Nothing is more frustrating when others tell her nothing is wrong while she knows they are lying. She would not dig into emotional problems but she will insist to take care of any physical wounds.

-Being alone: Seeing as she is so social, she doesn't like being alone for too long. Sometimes she needs to be alone for a while to think and such, but she really enjoys the company of others. She feels lonely pretty fast.

-Cleaning: It is always something after she took care of a patient. Blood has to be cleaned and the filthy bandages need to be thrown away. Then you also have those who are ill and just vomit over the floor or even the furniture. Although she doesn't like it, she is going to clean without complaint.

-Telling bad news: Nothing is worse for a medic than telling a patient and their family that there is nothing they can do for the patient. It always hurts Niracamda her heart to see them so sad after telling the news.

-Telling secrets of others and gossip: She hates it. Pokemon often tell her things in secrecy and she would not tell it around. She hates pokemon who do such things. She also hates it when Pokemon tell lies about others and tell bad things about them.

- Her height: Niracamda is pretty small for being a houndour. She often got picked on because of that. She tries to not get it to her but she gets sad when people pick on her for her height. She hopes that she will be a lot bigger when she evolves.

- Being shiny: This was also one of the reasons Nira got picked on. Neither her parents, nor her siblings are shiny. Her father did tell her his grandmother was a shiny too but she died long before Nira was born.

» History: Niracamda was born in a small village at the foot of one of the mountains of the Black Spear Mountain Range. She was the youngest of three children, and the only shiny of the three. The villagers always told the children to not climb the mountains. It was pretty dangerous after all. Even adults could die out there. One day, Niracamda decided to go play with her friend, a shinx named Toby. The Shinx was pretty brave and also stubborn. He didn’t listen to others and got himself into trouble often because of that. He wanted to explore the mountain for a while. How dangerous could it be? He decided to climb the mountain and asked Niracamda to come with him. The young houndour hesitated. Everyone said it was dangerous. She tried persuading him to not go but he was too stubborn to listen to her. In the end, she decided to go with him. The path was small and steep. They were climbing higher and higher. Niracamda was getting scared. She had a feeling something bad would happen.

“Toby, let’s go back. I don’t like it here.”
“Don’t be so scared, Nira. Do you really believe what they tell you? Nothing is going to happen here.”
“Hey, don’t worry. I am here with you, allright? I will protect you.”

Niracamda had to admire his bravery. She did feel more safe but the bad feeling didn’t go away. They had climbed pretty high by then. The village was right under them now. They could finally see above the pine trees that were surrounding the village. They could still see the village clearly. It seemed so much smaller from up there. Niracamda was impressed at the sight.

“Wow, we sure climbed high. Look how far we can see.”
“Haha, I told you nothing would happen, right? Let’s go back now before they start wondering where we are.”

Niracamda nodded and moved a bit closer to the edge to take in the view. She didn’t notice the rocks crumbling from under her feet.

“Nira, watch out!”

The warning came too late. The rocks crumbled from under her feet and Nira fell down. Then everything went black.

When Nira woke up, she was laying in wat seemed to be a bed. She didn’t know how she got there. Her whole body hurt and it was difficult to move. The houndour didn’t know where she was. It was then that she noticed she wasn’t alone. There was another bed in the room. On it lay a Shinx. He was wrapped in a lot of bandages but she still recognized her friend. His condition seemed pretty bad from what she could see.

“Toby? What…happened?”

Niracamda teared up. She didn’t know what to do. Her friend was laying there, he didn't seem concious. He could have died. Maybe he was dead. A little bit later an Audino walked in. She recognized her as the doctor of the hospital in the village. The Audino noticed the houndour was awake and walked to her. She explained some villagers found her and her friend at the foot of the mountain. They seemed to have fallen down from the mountain path. Niracamda seemed to have gotten lucky but her friend is in a much worse condition. They both could have died. Nira was feeling devastated when she heard about that. It was then that she remembered what happened. She fell down but Toby grabbed her in an attempt to safe her. He fell down with her instead.

“I’m sorry, Toby…”

The audino could tell the small Houndour was blaming herself.  She didn’t exactly know what happened but she could guess a few things.
“It is not your fault, dear. Don’t worry. Your friend will get better. We will take good care of both of you.”
Niracamda didn’t know what to say. She just nodded and lay down. She hoped the doctor was right.

After weeks of rest, Niracamda was finally allowed to go home. Toby had to stay longer however. Still, they were both glad they were still alive. Toby would never be able to recover completely though. The Houndour often went to visit her friend during the rest of the time he had to stay there. She was grateful to the staff of the hospital, but also impressed at all the hard work they do. She considered trying to help in the hospital. She wanted to help other Pokemon in need. She admired the medics of the hospital and wanted to be like them. She wasn't very confident in herself though. It took a while before she actually decided to go work there. Her family and friends supported her decision.

It was a simple hospital that was run by a family of Audino. They had their hands full with all the patients that ended up there from having gotten hurt on the surrounding mountains. They heartily accept Nira as a student. Not only medics were working in the hospital. There was a Noctowl who would fly over the mountains at night and a Skarmory who would fly over the mountains at day in search for Pokemon in need of help. Whenever they found someone they had to see how bad the Pokemon was doing. If it could still walk, they would guide it to the village. If it couldn't walk anymore or was too badly injured, they had to fly back to the village to get help. When these pokemon got to the hospital, the Audino looked after them. There were also a few rooms were ill pokemon got brought to. Only a medic was allowed in there. You would never know if the decease would spread or not. Although the staff didn't have much to protect themselves, they at least tried to prevent others from getting infected. They mostly use herbs and berries to threat the pokemon. They also use moves when needed and they bandage up wounds. Bandages were made from natural materials they could find in the forest.

When Niracamda first started working in the hospital, she mostly had to do chores. She brought food to the patients, she fetched things for the staff, she cleaned a lot,... During this time she learned how to create bandages and what the effects were off all the berries and herbs they used in the hospital. After she learned the basics she started to assist the staff when they examined patients and treated them. She learned how to treat wounds, how to examine Pokemon and more. Eventually, she was allowed to treat patients on her own. It was very difficult and it took a few years before she was recognized as a medic.

Niracamda learned a lot during the time she worked in the hospital. Not only things she had to do during work, but also things she heard from patients. She often would talk to them in her free time and they told her a lot of things. Folklore, fighting strategies, stories about places they had visited, and so on.

This made Niracamda wonder how it was like outside the village. She wanted to visit some of these places. As she learned more and more, her desire to see the world grew stronger. After working almost 4 years in the hospital, she decided to leave the village. She would see new places and help out pokemon in need of treatment. She was also hoping to learn more about the world and improve her skills as a medic. Niracamda also thought about sharing her own knowledge to those who were interested. Everyone was sad to see her leave but at the same time they were happy, because they realized she was going to follow her dream.

» Other: She doesn't know an egg move.

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PostSubject: Re: Niracamda the shiny houndour   Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:08 pm

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Niracamda the shiny houndour
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