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 Flint the Scyther

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PostSubject: Flint the Scyther   Sun Dec 13, 2015 4:34 am

» Name: Flint
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Male
» Species: #123 - Scyther the Mantis Pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 22 (500 BST = 17 BE; 17 BE + 5 = 22 TE)
» Ability:  Technician - Moves with low base power become stronger.
» Moves:

- Vacuum Wave (Starting Move)
- Quick Attack (Starting Move)
- Counter (Egg Move)
- Focus Energy (Level 5)

» Natural Feats: 
- Twin Scythes: The scythe-like limbs a Scyther possesses are sharp and strong enough to cut through a log in one slash. Also, they become sharper by cutting hard materials like rocks.

» Personality: Flint is a usually serious character, very rarily laid back and usually more focused on his training rather than keeping up conversations. Despite his introverted character, he is a polite one when it comes to conversations he himself keeps up, mostly while relaxing. He is an honorable warrior when it comes to fighting, leaving his opponent time to stand up before continuing his attacks. This is all true except for one moment: when someone speaks the same words to him that the Elder Scizor told him back then, when someone tells him he's not ready, it's like a switch that keeps him fighting, more furiously and less concerned about his own health as he is forcing himself to prove himself through the fight. He looks down on all who don't uphold his ways of honor and fair fighting. Since he has been leaving his clan, he stopped being overzealous and his ego settled down to an below-average level, the smooth stone he carries around a constant reminder of his ways back then.

» Likes:

- Training, he enjoys training and sees it as part of his life, his goal becoming the leader of his clan by defeating the current one, he sees constant training without a moment of lazying around as the only way to achieve it.
- Hot baths: While training is what he prominently does, he was also taught that after the training, the body needs time to relax and adjust to the training exercises. Flint's preferred way of relaxing has always been a good bath in a hot spring.
- Duels: While he is not one to randomly attack and fight other Pokemon, that was something reserved for the ferals, he favors a good and fair duel. He was taught in the clan that the only real way to fight is by fighting in a duel, where both sides had equal and fair chances of winning.

» Dislikes:

- Fighting Dirty: He despises those who have to rely on tricks and deception to win a fight, such as relying on number advantage, using objects for distraction or just dirty moves in general. In his opinion, a fair fight is the only way to fight.
- Hot Climates: While he understands and sees hot weather and regions as another way to condition one's body the mind, sometimes even more so than the cold, he can't properly train in the hot and prefers the moderate and cold regions (You who get sweat beads in the eyes while training understand that)
-Laziness: While training and relaxing are parts of his daily routine and things he personally enjoys, he himself would never be able to just loaf around for some time when he could be doing something more productive, as coming from a clan of warriors lead him to understand. This extends to a certain negative attitude towards lazy Pokemon.

» History: As a Pokemon that was born and grew up in a clan of warriors and duelist, Bug-types like Heracross, Pinsir and Scyther most prominent, he learned that only constant training of one's body and will will lead to a good and fulfilled life. Very eager to do just that, he was trained among the other Pokemon of his age, though he soon started to outpace them, trainign more often and for longer periods of time, becoming noticably stronger than them in the process.

As he was old enough to fight himself up in position and respect in the clan, earning himself the title Green Lightning because of the speed he got on himself and the speed with which he fought his way through the clan. As all the respect and praise was getting to his head, he starting thinking himself invincible, the best, he challenged the Elder, an elder Scizor, to battle, wanting to fight him for the leadership. The Scizor however, seeing that Flint was still young and inexperienced, declined the challenge. The Scyther, furious with being rejected despite his abilities, demanded a fight from the Elder. The Scizor accepted and fought the young challenger and although Flint had superior speed, his strikes didn't even scratch to the Scizor's metallic hide, the latter swiftly ending the fight with a few set attacks.
As the Elder went and wanted to help the Scyther up to his feet, offering to train him personally, the latter refused, standing up on his own, albeit shakingly, and told him that he would find his own way. Upon the night he went out to leave, he found a small oval stone next to him that looked like it was taken out of a riverbed, a gift that represents the humility that was supposed to be taught to the members of the clan, something he forgot. While accepting the gift, he told himself that he couldn't go back and apologize, leaving the clan under the worried but watchful gaze of the elder Scizor, his words echoing through Flint's head as a constant reminder of the reason he went out into the world to train...
"I'm sorry, young warrior...but you are not ready yet."
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PostSubject: Re: Flint the Scyther   Mon Dec 14, 2015 11:31 pm

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Flint the Scyther
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