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 Marshy Marching

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PostSubject: Marshy Marching   Tue 24 Nov - 18:04:31

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Rouge frowned, he wasn't sure what he was doing here. The ground was wet and hard to move around in. Every step he took here felt like three steps, and he was growing weary very quickly. Looking around, Rouge spotted nothing of interest to him. 'Look for a cave near the cattail marsh' they said, 'It will be fun' they said. Rouge huffed with discontent, there was nothing he hated more than trudging through water with mud in it than a liar. He swung his club in front of him a few times as if hitting those lairs in the face. The only thing that he got from those Pokemon was some more experience in speaking. he wasn't as bad as he was before, but he wasn't at all perfect. At least he didn't need to sound out almost every single letter any more. Suddenly he stopped and listened. He heard splashing coming towards his location.
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PostSubject: Re: Marshy Marching   Sun 5 Jun - 22:30:13

OOC: If you'd like, we can end the thread here. I think that we've already gotten all of the pages we're going to get, so there isn't much point in detailing the journey back home.

After several stressful hours of silently guarding her unconscious travel companion by the fire, Ashen noticed Rouge finally begin to wake up. I'm glad he seems alright, The meek hellhound thought to herself, breathing a sigh of relief. She watched as he slowly got to his feet and dusted himself off. The Cubone took a single glance at the dying blaze, and without uttering a single word to Ashen, rushed back into the rough to gather supplies. Ashen sighed in worry, but rather than accompanying him on his trip, allowed him to go alone. Honestly, keeping watch over him for so long made her exhausted. 

Eventually, Rouge returned with more materials for the fire, and immediately threw them in the pit to nurse the embers back to health. When the reptile looked satisfied with his work, he turned around to face Ashen with an inquisitive expression. She knew exactly what he was asking. 

"We should leave," The Houndour told her partner in a raspy voice, nodding her head. She was tired, sure, but what she desired more than rest was her home... She knew that her mother was probably worried sick, and the thought of keeping the soft-hearted Houndoom waiting any longer than she had to was unbearable.

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PostSubject: Re: Marshy Marching   Sun 26 Jun - 23:26:34

Rouge nodded and stood, using the dirt and mud around them to put out the fire before he took up his club. Rouge was excited to see Ashens' village, though his body ached. It had become stiff from resting on the cool wet mud with a dying flame, but he'd tend to that next time he would rest. He looked to the hound, and noted her tiredness. Gently he helped her up and provided something to lean on encase she would need it. He wasn't sure where they would be going but he knew that Ashen would lead them there quickly. but for now, rouge pushed all thoughts other than making sure the hound would make it to their destination.
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PostSubject: Re: Marshy Marching   

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Marshy Marching
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