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 Dance of the Dying Leaves

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PostSubject: Dance of the Dying Leaves   Sun Oct 04, 2015 8:18 pm

Russell 17

No notes.

An autumn cloaked Burmy looked up at the trees, their leaves hues of red, orange and yellow, identical to the cloak which he'd surrounded himself with. Russell sat upon the forest floor, watching the leaves rustling in the wind, the occasional one being jostled from it's branch and fluttering downwards to land upon the ground those who had fallen before it.

The Burmy's journal was laid out on the ground in front of him, sketches of different leaves and their types adorning it's pages. Despite being in the middle of a dungeon, Russell seemed quite at home, his bag open beside him to his right, and a set of watercolours laid out to his right. Using his psychic type hidden power, the Burmy dipped a brush into a pot of water and began to paint the leaves on his page with various colours, mixing the colours on the his palette to create the ones he needed.
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PostSubject: Re: Dance of the Dying Leaves   Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:52 pm

Ever's Energy: 24-11=13

Ever gently hopped across small stepping stones, finding the experience relaxing, despite knowing that she was about to enter a dungeon, especially one that she never experienced before. But the beautiful scenery, with the warm sun dappled leaves gave the whole place a comforting, homely feel, and the gently lapping water added a soothing atmosphere. The Oshawott contemplated bringing a book here to read, under the shade of the autumn trees, when she got to know the place more. Ever finally reached the island, and glanced up at the trees momentarily, once again lost in the beauty of this place, until she began to explore the newly discovered place.

In fact, she almost didn't see the Burmy which was sitting on the leaf covered floor, until she noticed the 'leaves' appeared to be painting with a brush on some paper. "Oh, h-hello." she said, giving a small wave. "It's a n-nice day t-today, isn't it?" she asked cheerfully, moving closer to the leaf covered Pokemon. Deep down, she realized that if the Pokemon was hostile, then she would probably be in a little trouble, however the Bug-type seemed so peaceful and calm, and besides, admittedly she was a little curious about what the Burmy was writing or painting.

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Dance of the Dying Leaves
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