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 Tallulah the Buizel

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PostSubject: Tallulah the Buizel   Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:06 am

» Name: Tallulah ( Tally, Tally of the Seas )
» Gender: Female
» Species: #418 - Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokemon
» Affiliation: She doesn't really have one, but wants to join the guild ( Previously lived at the small pond. )
» Level: 5
» Ability: Swift Swim
» Moves:
- Sonicboom - Start
- Growl - Level 4
- Aqua Tail - Egg Move (Samurott Parent)
- None - None  

» Likes: Tally likes to be the best because of sibling rivalry. She likes eating, but thats just personal taste, no pun intended. She loves adventuring and exploring as thats her nature, and also likes it when things are fair. As a water type and because of her ability, Tally likes the rain and wet areas.

» Dislikes: She doesn't like crime and criminals, as she has a strong sense of justice. As a water type she strongly dislik dry areas such as deserts and heat. Tally doesn't like being outmatched and unfair battles, again because of her twin brothers.

» Personality: Tallulah is tough, rowdy, and never backs down. She's brave but has little tolerance for stupidity. Why? She was raised with the worst brothers ever. She strives to be her best and has always wanted fame. She can be rather sarcastic and irritable at times and is very athletic, along with a bit of aggressiveness. She can be sassy and grumpy at times, too. She dislikes crime greatly and wants to bring out the good in the world, hoping to be an excellent rescuer someday.

Tally has a hard time making friends and is a bit a of an independent loner. She can ignore most things very well, but there are a few things that can get under her skin that she can't, mainly "excessive Immaturity" as she likes to call it. Still, if you can prove your worth to her, maybe hang out with her for a while, she might just be open for friendship....

» History: Raised in a Buizil-Oshawott family, Tallulah grew up with a large amount of boys who were, well... quite stupid. Her parents were too protective of her, and she didn't really like her brothers that much. Eventually she told her parents that she wanted to see the world, but they said she was "just a little girl". She didn't really care; Tally already had plans to escape. And you know what? She did just that, only a few days ago. She’s taking the rest of her life as it comes, putting her best foot forward. Tally of the Seas, as she hopes to be called sometime in the near future, "ain't looking back, as the future is now!" as she says.

» Other: Although a tough fighter, she never really battled much, as any fights were stopped by her parents. so her level is about average at level 5. Still, her dad passed down a few egg moves to her.

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PostSubject: Re: Tallulah the Buizel   Sat Sep 29, 2012 7:36 pm

Alright, looks great!



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Tallulah the Buizel
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