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 I Needz some RPz

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I Needz some RPz Empty
PostSubject: I Needz some RPz   I Needz some RPz EmptySun Sep 27, 2015 1:14 am

Bored Draco is bored, so here are the two current characters that I'm actively rping with that I wanna get more rp threads.

Akuroma - Lvl 40 Gallade outlaw (reforming, though if he is actively trying is dependent on when the thread chronologically happened)
Currently has 3 open RP slots
I would like to have at least one of these slots spent on an rp in Frozen Stream for Aku's WS challenge thread.

Oya - Lvl 11 Emolga Explorer
Currently has 3 open RP slots
I would like to do threads in dungeons where there are missions she can complete are. If you do choose to rp with her, I would like you to state that it is ok for me to bring in a different person to continue said thread in on the off chance you go inactive or cannot post for an extended period of time. I'd rather not fail any missions ^^


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I Needz some RPz Empty
PostSubject: Re: I Needz some RPz   I Needz some RPz EmptyMon Oct 19, 2015 5:12 am

*peeks in* Did someone mention RP?

I think Mei should meet Akuroma! Mei had so far been meeting friendly characters, and I wanna roleplay her meeting out an Outlaw! So far, she's been trying to reform her insecurity problems... but would that change when she meets a complete Outlaw? Would she literally go back to square 1?

*rubs hands* I can't wait to get started! ;)

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I Needz some RPz
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