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 (Adopted by Lord E V) Mei the Eevee

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PostSubject: (Adopted by Lord E V) Mei the Eevee    Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:29 pm

» Name: Mei
» Sex: Female
» Gender: Female
» Species: (#133) Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer

Level: 6
» Energy: 20
» Ability: Anticipation
» Moves:
- Wish (Egg Move)
- Helping Hand (Level 1)
- Tail Whip (Level 1)
- Tackle (Level 1

» Natural Feats:

» Personality: Mei has always been a solitary introverted loner who prefers other Pokemon to mind their own business so that she can mind hers. She's most of the time seen alone, and staring away to the distance, into blank space. Sometimes, there would be a rare occasion in which she is accompanied by a Pokemon which is almost always never. Actually, she really loves day-dreaming around, and staying in her imaginary world. To her, reality is very painful because of many incidents involving around her past. On the outside, she might look like a single individual, capable of being easily pushed around and will fall over anytime. But on the inside, she's truly calculative, can think quickly, and has thought of many ideas, stories and wonderlands. Her fantasy can stretch over many things, but it almost always involve a perfect world.

It could be difficult to win her trust over as she might have some trust issues or paranoid issues. Her answers to questions are always cold and brief in the tone telling that Pokemon to 'stay away'. To bright and happy Pokemon, they could consider her as a mysterious figure who always slips away unnoticed. When continued to be bugged, she would eventually attack. Mei is a grudge holder, and would never forget something inflicted on her. Time had passed since her traumatic event and she had built a long wall around herself to try and keep reality and traumatic events out, leaving her inside quite hollow and broken. Mei never wants to ever become a part of a community again, around a huge throng of Pokemon. All she wants is to for other Pokemon to stay away from her.

On a positive note, Mei is very intelligent and independent which suits her well for her life alone wandering around. Mei always loved painting and making stories which she often invents inside her mind. Her thoughts about the world she is exploring is written in a journal, always brought with her wherever she goes. Her spirit stays strong, and is fired by the fuel of her want to try and find a place as beautiful as her wonderland.

» Likes:
The Moon: Mei always feels at peace around the moon. She feels it radiates a calming aura, and reminds her of herself. Forever alone, in a huge sea of darkness.
A Forest: She likes to be in a forest, hoping to lose herself in the winding trees from other Pokemon and in the hope of finding her 'dream place'.
Being alone: She never liked other Pokemon after her traumatic incidents.

» Dislikes:
Reality: Reality can often be very harsh at times, and Mei understands that. She wishes that there could be no such thing as 'bad luck' or 'pain' in life.
Love: She feels that she has never experienced 'love' and that everyone she will ever love will get hurt in the end. She feels a strong feeling of envy towards other Pokemon couples.
Regret: The feeling of regret can hung in to a person for a long time. She despises that feeling really much.

» History:
At the first few weeks of her from hatching from her egg, Mei was abandoned by her parents. She never remembered them, although she knew what spieces they were from scent and fur tufts--which was an Espeon and a Leafeon. She nearly died of starvation and was wandering alone, pitifully calling for her parents when she was met an Absol, and was taken in by that same Absol who also just had a cub. She grew up playing with her 'brother' and being cared for by the Absol.

Mei had always been a curious young Eevee that time who always got stuck into things. She was also very naive and lacks the ability to judge on people. The place where she grew up was by the mountains, a small Pokemom village with a very pleasant breeze and cooling atmosphere. Mei had a happy life--before she got herself involved with the 'Thunder Feline Gang.' They were a bunch of bad Pokemon which her 'Mother' had warned her to stay away. Bad might even be an understatement. The gang consisted of Pokemon capable to kill, and earns money by napping small cute Pokemon to later be sold as slaves in a place far away.

She was playing with her Absol brother near the ends of the village when they lured them away with the promise of sweet treats and presents. Her brother tried to convince her to stay away as since he was an Absol, he could sense bad luck radiating from the Pokemon, but stubborn as she was, she told her brother to stay and stop being a coward, her inability to judge getting in the way of clear sense, while she goes with them and see what she might get from them.

She never knew that it was a trap, a trap to kidnap her and bring her away. She was in the processed of getting knocked out and being dealt with the final blow, when one of her so called nappers was attacked--by her foster mother. Her mother was alerted by her brother almost immediately after she followed the gang. It was a 5 vs 2, with her brother helping. Already hurt, her mother told Mei to run--which she did. Mei's mother and brother didn't survive the attack and the gang escaped one of the members ending up dead.

That was what caused the drastic change in Mei's personality. She blames herself for being too naive, and draws into herself. A new personality formed, and she became introverted, spending more and more time alone, refusing to get near a Pokemon--even someone she knew. One night, she made a run for it  from the village, never going to come back. She spends her days as an Wanderer, adapting to harsh environments in the places she explores. She wanders around, hoping to come across a place that is as equally as beautiful as her imagination world, in which all her suffering will end.

» Other: Mei is pretty small in size, which means she is smaller than normal eevees. She blames it on the malnutrition she had gotten when she was abandoned at her birth before meeting her foster mother.

Administrator's note: The information below is the progress made by the original RPer that could not be edited into the bio template (Items and threads.) Any prospective adopters may want to look through the threads linked below to see if any are open and the relationships this character had with other before filling out an adoption application.

» Inventory:
Unusual Box x1
Gravelerock x1
Blast Seed x1  
Green Leaf x1
Orange Gummi x1
Light Box x1
Stick x3
Warp Orb x1
Green Gummi x1

» Page Count: 8
» Threads:
The Fox and the Dragon - 2
Training - 2
Pretty Little Liars - 2
Pretty Leaves - 1
Walk Along the Falls - 0
TF 500 Technofox - 0
Friend or Foe - 1

Last edited by PandaKitty247 on Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:31 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: (Adopted by Lord E V) Mei the Eevee    Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:49 pm

Sorry, your Character Bio cannot be approved due to the following reasons:

1.) MOVES Eevee does not learn Synchronize as an egg move. I believe you mean Synchronoise. Just a tip, if you plan on evolving this character into an Umbreon, Synchronoise will be useless since it is a psychic type move and Dark types are immune to it.

2.) NATURAL FEATS Your natural feats have been denied due to the fact that they deal with Eevee evolving to deal with harsh environments. Eevee doesn't have many natural feats, though you can make once based on your Ability. You do not need two, it's just that most Pokemon have enough information to glean two feats.

3.) AFFILIATION/PERSONALITY/HISTORY You mention in Mei's personality about being an outlaw, however, her Affiliation and History do not corroborate this and make no clear point to her having any past acts of Outlawish behavior nor being labeled as an outlaw.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any of the Secretaries. May it be through the Chatbox or through Private Messaging, we will tend to your concerns as soon as we can. Please fix your bio accordingly so that we may be able to approve it. Once you have completed your edits, either bump this thread or message us.

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PostSubject: Re: (Adopted by Lord E V) Mei the Eevee    Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:34 pm

All edited and sorted!

1) Moves: Whoops, never knew that. And instead of an Espeon or Umbreon, Panda's actually planning for Mei to become a Glaceon since Glaceon is my favorite Pokemon of all time, although an Umbreon would do well with her personality ^^;
2) Natural Feats: Hmm, I'm not exactly sure for any Natural Feats left anymore. I hope its fine for her to NOT have any natural feats?
3) Personality: Done and edited. Wow, didn't realize about the one word outlaw I left. Must had slipped through my mind.
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PostSubject: Re: (Adopted by Lord E V) Mei the Eevee    Sun Sep 27, 2015 1:18 am

Extra comments

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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PostSubject: Re: (Adopted by Lord E V) Mei the Eevee    Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:53 am

Character Put Up For Adoption
Pokemon has been put up for adoption due to inactivity


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PostSubject: Re: (Adopted by Lord E V) Mei the Eevee    

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(Adopted by Lord E V) Mei the Eevee
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