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 A Fall into Fall

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PostSubject: A Fall into Fall   Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:28 pm

First topic message reminder :

Miss T found herself hovering back into the forest she had been in far to much. Although she already had studied all the plants and their effects, which was nothing special, yet was still drawn back to the dull area again. Last time she came was extremely miserable, dragged along by the first ghost type Pokemon she had ever come to hate. She came because she just needed to meditate for a while, knowing no one could be here to bother her since they would be most likely insane due to the corruption, or those who weren't corrupted would be trying to fix it.

Settling on the top of a tree full of vibrant orange leaves and closed her eyes in order to fall into a half sleep. She focused on very simple things in this state, and began her concentration in order to find answers:

What have I failed?
I've failed to complete my one goal which was the cause of my coming here
So what now?
I've already determined that starting such a store would have to much competition
So I need to find something to do in order to replace that
But what?


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PostSubject: Re: A Fall into Fall   Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:47 pm

Russell 16

No notes

The Burmy nodded and with a small smile and added Miss T's name to the top of the map, before making another small note on the bottom. This particular note was longer in length and when Russell turned it around to show the Misdreavus his handy work, it was revealed to be an odd sentence.

"Collect two edible items from Shadowhue Forest," he grinned, reading out the words he'd added to the bottom of the map, "That's your challenge. Hopefully it's not too hard. I try not to make them impossible," he chuckled good naturedly, holding the map forwards for Miss T to take.

"I pretty much live around here, so just come back and find me when you've completed the challenge and i'd be happy to show you the place that the Windrose Scouts call home," he grinned cheerfully, happy to have someone who was genuinely interested in the organisation he'd striven to create.
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PostSubject: Re: A Fall into Fall   Sun Sep 06, 2015 2:00 pm

Miss T: {13 + 1 (page) = 14}

The Burmy finally finished and revealed what he was doing to the Misdreavus, unsurprisingly making her correct about her evaluation. It showed where they were, in Fallen Leaf Copse, and every land mark dungeon or town between them and Shadowhue. It seemed mighty nifty, especially since she was fairly new to the town and area. While she would have had no problem making it to the forest without the guidance of a map, the insect wrote her name on it and a special note, which she had just finished reading before Russel stated the command out loud.

"Seems easy enough," she remarked, eyeing the map over again and taking it with her psychic-like powers. The map was coated in a purple veil as the Misdreavus's psychokinesis ability held it before her and very carefully folded it up. She nodded as she stashed the map away for the time being and Russel had finished explaining. "Will do."


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PostSubject: Re: A Fall into Fall   

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A Fall into Fall
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