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 Lost in the dark [E]

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PostSubject: Lost in the dark [E]   Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:31 am

Spoink wrote:
Help, I can't find my way out of this place! The darkness made it very difficult to see here! I think there are others around, but they don't sound too nice! Please! Help me!
» Client: Spoink
» Objective: Find Spoink and return them safely to the guild.
» Place: Prickle Mist Hill
» Scenario:
Currently, when you enter the area... Your badges will not function properly. Once you find the client, you must escort them out. If you fail the mission, the badges will still function. However for some reason it can't be used to bring the client back.

The area is currently under a strange power as the rest of the world currently is. However for some unexplained reason, it is a lot darker here then what the darkness would usually bring to dungeons. It is comparable to shadowhue forest on a cloudy day.

The area also has infected feral pokemon. Pokemon that are far more aggressive then usual, and will not stop attacking until they are completely knocked out or worse. If they have an inch of consciousness, they will just get back up no matter the injury they are inflicted with.

Paralysis will only work for so long against these types.

» Tip: Although paralysis might not work as well on infected feral pokemon. Sleep may still work if you manage to put them to sleep.
» Restrictions:
- Protect client from infected feral pokemon
- Every 4 rolled pokemon, you must have at least 1 of them lose their senses of self preservation and have them be hostile. They must be knocked out to stop them from attacking. Anything less will result in it getting back up and attacking, even if it is heavily injured.
- You must make at least 1 normal roll per page per character in thread. If a character is at 0 energy. This restriction is void for that page for that specific character.
- Your thread must match the setting described in the scenario
» Difficulty: E
» Reward: 200 Poke
» Expiration: Darkness Site Event
» Exploration Points:  15


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Lost in the dark [E]
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