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 A New Chapter for Skipper

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A New Chapter for Skipper Empty
PostSubject: A New Chapter for Skipper   A New Chapter for Skipper EmptyThu Jul 30, 2015 3:02 am

Skipper stood in front of the Guild's entrance and took a moment to experience the moment fully. It hadn't been too long of a journey but he was still far from home. The mudkip had passed through Grassveil town quickly because of his excitement, but now that he was close to his destination, he found himself frozen in anticipation. Skipper blinked a few times as he regained his composure and did a little shake that travelled from his shoulders to his tail fin.

After a final few moments, Skipper confidently strolled into the guild and was mildly surprised to immediately see stairs that led down. He shrugged slightly before making his way down one floor and was confronted with unfamiliar halls and faces. He sat down softly as he looked around, searching for any signs that might towards the guildmaster's quarters. Skipper was willing to be patient, after all, he had eaten just a bit ago and he had all day.
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A New Chapter for Skipper
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