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 Today, I Walk Alone [Open]

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PostSubject: Today, I Walk Alone [Open]   Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:29 pm

[Energy: 9]

A small grass snake sighed as he trudged through the dark forest. Depression was getting to him, and the lack of sun was not exactly helping his situation. He had been lost here for a few days, and the failure to receive sunlight was affecting his body. he had tried to climb up and get some sunlight, but he only failed due to being too weak to climb the tree. Jaden huffed and puffed as he trudged forward slowly, his body arched as he struggled to keep himself standing. He couldn't go on much longer like this, he knew it. It took only a few more steps, before the snivy collapsed.

[Keepin it short ans sweet]

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Today, I Walk Alone [Open]
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