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 Krikka the Shiny Eevee

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PostSubject: Krikka the Shiny Eevee   Wed Jul 08, 2015 1:46 am

» Name: Krikka Wolf, "The Moonstruck Wolf"

» Gender: Female
» Species: #133, Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon
» Affiliation: Chaotic Evil/Outlaw

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Adaptability
» Moves:
- Tackle(Start)
- Tail Whip(Start)
- Covet(Egg Move)
- Toxic(TM straight out of my own inventory)

» Personality:

Krikka doesn't really like many things.  In fact, most things annoy, agitate or sadden her to some extent.  The feeling of sadness also happens to agitate her, so in the end, most things agitate her.  She's generally extremely outwardly calm if she's being "normal" around someone, no matter what she feels like on the inside.  However, she often puts on different acts in order to fool others, sometimes for gain to her self, sometimes to the detriment of someone else and sometimes just for fun.

If one were to somehow get to know her, they'd probably realize she has some issues.  In all honesty, only so much blame can be cast upon others.  She did much of it to her self, letting weaknesses such as desire overwhelm her.  She knows this, however, she doesn't consider it to be weakness.  She simply wants to benefit her self and anyone who doesn't want the best for their self is an idiot in her eyes.  Granted, what is "best" for her self in her eyes may be a bit warped from the truth.

She isn't above stealing from others; in fact she enjoys it.  She doesn't care about petty things such as laws or who she hurts.  All she cares about is benefitting her self.  This isn't to say she CAN'T feel anything for others, but she despises having this happen to her and avoids it at all costs.  She just wants to be alone in the world with no ties and the whole of civilization as her playground.  Her favorite "game" is to seduce males before attacking or robbing them.

» Likes:

Inflicting Pain on Others: She is a sadist and thus takes pleasure in inflicting pain on others, be it physical, emotional or mental.  Though she enjoys physically torturing others the most.  She especially enjoys using Toxic to watch someone slowly suffer, maybe even beg.  It makes her feel powerful and alive, as well as better about her self.

Pain - Physical pain reminds her that she is alive.  Being able to endure pain makes her feel like she is somehow better than others.  It's even better if she can go through the same pain as someone else and take it better.

Material Objects: Anyone who says money can't buy happiness is WRONG.  She loves having things and stuff and stuff and things, all to her self.  She doesn't care about friends or company, just benefitting her self by any means necessary.

Plotting: Even if she doesn't go through with it, she loves thinking of plans.  The plans nearly always involve benefitting her self or harming someone else.  Even though she doesn't always go through with them, she takes pleasure in thinking them up and has quite a talent for planning.

The Moon: She has a fondness for gazing at the moon.  She appreciates its beauty, its color and its constantly changing appearance.  On occasion, she also finds her self talking to the moon, as it is the only thing she feels comfortable being honest with.

» Dislikes:

Envying Others: She has quite a few gripes with feeling that someone has something that she doesn't have.  Even if it's something non-material like love or friendship, the things she insists on not wanting or caring about, she still for some reason feels jealous of them and she hates it.

Friendship: She has the capacity to care for others, however it is extremely rare, nearly impossible and she hates the feeling.  If she starts feeling any form of attachment to someone, she will do her best to get rid of it by arguing with them, attacking them, getting away from them, etc.

Killing: There is no moral reasoning for her dislike of killing, rather it's the contrary; Amoral reasoning.  She is fine with it if someone needs to die.  However, she much prefers keeping an enemy alive to torment them.  Why waste a plaything by destroying it so quickly?

Ivirar: For their whole lives, Krikka and Ivirar have fought, as siblings do. She harbors a strong hostility towards her sister not just for their past, but also because Ivirar is so happy despite having nothing.  She despises that she cannot actually hate her sister no matter how hard she tries.

Damn Near Everything: Over the years she has become generally bitter and her outlook on things has turned very grim.  She can find room to be unhappy in some way at nearly anything.

» History:

Krikka was the first born daughter of Drake Wolf the Umbreon.  Her father always claimed she had no mother, that she was given to him by "Arceus" as a blessing, which also explained why she was differently colored, she was "Special".  She vaguely REMEMBERED having a mother for a short time, but when ever she tried to bring this up, he would simply tell her it was just a friend, not her mother.  She was right, but she wanted to believe her father.... so she did.

Her life was about average.  Nothing particularly good or particularly bad aside from her "shiny" coloration.  Her father gave her plenty of attention, considering she had no siblings to share it with, but she never got his FULL attention as he was always preaching "the good word of Arceus" to random strangers.  She had friends, but not many.  She was quite popular for her interesting color, though this resulted in more infamy than it was worth, as others were jealous of her.  She'd play games with her friends and do good, but she'd never do the best.  She lived in an average home and ate average food.  She never really got anything for her self, but that was okay because what she already had was enough.... and she was happy.

Then her life took a turn for the worst.  It started small, with her simply wanting more than she had.  She was still happy, but she found her self envying others.  It didn't help that a snobby rich kid showed up, some furfrou whose family attracted others to them due to their wealth and lineage.  Her friends grew distant from her in favor of this furfrou.  Sure, she could have gone with them, but she hated him, he had everything, EVERYTHING.  She tried to go with them, but they all just completely stopped paying any attention to her at all.  She felt so left out, so excluded.

Soon after that, came the second child.  Of course, she didn't get the news until her sister, Ivirar, had already arrived.  The mother, a rather rugged looking ninetales, came around for a while; the two seemed like a happy couple.  Then her father started paying less attention to her....  He started coming home less, leaving her to look after her sister.  To remedy this, she decided to follow her father out one night to see just what was so much more important than her.  She saw that her father had fallen in with a bad crowd, so to speak, all due to the crooked, mean, selfish gangster he'd fallen for.

After losing her friends and the attention of her father, she began spending her days wandering around the woods and nights relaxing in the same woods, staring at the moon.  She found that she rather liked being alone, as no one could disappoint or hurt her if there was no one there in the first place.  She couldn't feel envy if there was no one around for her to envy.  However, this time alone didn't do her good as she began thinking of ways to.... "fix" her problems instead of ignoring them.  The first thing that needed fixing was of course, her father's new love interest.

Once again, she found her self following her father out.  She avoided sight at all costs as she waited for the ninetales to leave the group.  She followed the corrupting force, wearing a black bandanna around her neck which she was using as a sort of carrying sash for a shattered Toxic Orb, the sharp outer pieces and highly toxic insides.  She spread the toxic debris in a line across the alleyway in preparation for the ninetales to walk through.  Then, when the gangster stopped to look at the debris scattered across the path and hesitantly raised a paw to step over it, the little eevee tackled her from behind and knocked her over, into the pile of poisonous shards.  She turned and ran immediately, not bothering to look back.

Her father came home crying that night, refusing to talk about what'd happened.  Her sister was too young to understand anything other than the fact that daddy was sad, but she at least comforted her little sister, just this one time.  After that, she'd hoped her father would pay more attention to her again, but no.  He focused on her little sister instead, giving Ivirar all of the attention.  She never comforted her sister again.

With no reason to socialize with others, Krikka went to the woods more and more.  She stayed out late, not caring what her father said.  If he tried to punish her, she just ran off back to the woods and stayed even longer.  She almost exclusively slept the days away and watched the moon during the nights, avoiding social interaction.  The moon was beautiful and deserving of the attention of others, yet all anyone cared about was the sun.  Why did everyone care so much about something that would just blind anyone who tried to gaze at it?  The moon reminded her a bit of her self and she began talking to it, at first just out of boredom, then out of habit.  Eventually, it felt like she was really talking to someone.

More time alone resulted in more thinking.  Why did she put up with letting others get in her way?  Why did she settle for second place?  She decided to give social interaction a second shot, however she was going to do it her way.  The first thing she did was beat the living daylights out of the pampered furfrou that'd "stolen" all of her friends away.  From that point forward, she would simply attack anyone who displeased her.  She didn't get her friends back, but at least she didn't have to tolerate anything.  She especially liked picking on the furfrou.

One night, one of her past friends had followed her into the woods, her sanctuary.  An innocent little skitty who just wanted to help.  But at this point it was too late.  No matter how much the skitty tried to reason with her, to apologize to her, to get her to stop the way she'd been acting, she seemed to simply tune it out.  She ended up attacking the poor little pink thing and hurting it so badly that it nearly died from the injuries.  She couldn't use the excuse that she didn't know when to stop, because honestly, she did.  She knew exactly what she was doing, what the consequences were and every reason why she should have stopped.  She just didn't care, she was enjoying her self and that was all that mattered.  She never got to enjoy her self any more outside of this.

After that incident, she was branded an outlaw.  She didn't care though.  She left without another word, leaving behind plenty of evidence to pin her on the crime, a living victim.  She didn't apologize, try to explain her self or even say goodbye to her family.  She just left.  The skitty told everyone about how it'd caught her talking to the moon and due to this, she was given a new name.

The Moonstruck Wolf.

» Other: Shiny.

Has a black bandanna(stolen from a random fashion shop.)  +10 Edgy.

Ivirar's sister.

Welcome To The End:

Character Records

Is it my post in our thread?  Wanna start a thread with me?  Hit me up HERE

Oh yeah, and I dabble in pixel art.  If you're interested, check out my shop.

>And now for a bit about myself.<
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PostSubject: Re: Krikka the Shiny Eevee   Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:14 am

Isn't Eevee more a fox-ish than wolf-ish...? Eh, whatever.
Extra 5000 taken off for Shiny.

Character has been APPROVED!
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Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Krikka the Shiny Eevee
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