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 Alona the Eevee.

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Monokuma Pikachu

Monokuma Pikachu

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Alona the Eevee. Empty
PostSubject: Alona the Eevee.   Alona the Eevee. EmptyTue Jul 07, 2015 8:42 am

» Name: Alona
» Sex: Female
» Gender: Female
» Species: Eevee, The Evolution Pokemon. #133
» Affiliation: Singing Performer/Wishing to Join the Guild.

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Adaptability
» Moves:
- Charm (Egg Move.)
- Helping Hand (Start.)
- Sand Attack (Start.)
- Tackle (Start.)

» Personality: Don't let her singing voice fool you. She may sing beautifully, but she has a mouth of a sea Pokemon. In other words, She uses profanity. Now she doesn't do it in every sentence as that's very childish. Just once in a while. Her hot-headed nature will make her do rash thing whenever someone makes her angry. It doesn't matter if Arceus himself got her work up, she'll lash out at anyone who invoke her wrath. She isn't afraid to be blunt with Other Pokemon even if it meant that Pokemon will never talk to her again. Her manners are nonexistence, yet she understands that it requires hard work to get things done. If she were to open up to you, don't be surprise that she doesn't change too much. However, she'll come to you if she ever need anything. She can also come a little seductive towards certain Pokemon. However, this is a rare thing. if she does do this to you though? Chances are, she has fallen for you.

She loves singing. If looking past that dirty mouth of hers, she sings Amazingly.

» Likes:
Using fictional Languages for her song: Alona uses her father's Fictional story as sources for her Lyrics. To many Pokemon, the lyric might sound strange to them. But, most often then not, will love it regardless.

Sylveons: She always wanted to be one. They have this cute look that could attract Pokemon to hear her sing.

Being loved: An alternative reason why she took up singing, to find a soul mate to be with forever and won't judge her for who she is.

Mother: Her role-model: Yes, Alona learned the whole swearing thing from her. She learned everything singing to taking care of herself from her mother.

Deino: Alona's crush. He would hear her sing every single day until she moved into a new town. She wished that she could have confessed before she left, but she was afraid.

» Dislikes:
Fashion: Alona hates the fact that wearing clothing is supposed to look better. Not to mention Clothing like scarf feels uncomfortable to her, so she tends to stay with her natural looks.

Water. Alona isn't afraid of them or couldn't swim in them. She just hate the feeling of her furs being drenched.

Attachment: She really wants to be with a mate, she really does. However, She fears that if she gets to attach to someone. And if turns out that person is going to leave somewhere far away, she'll heartbroken.

» History: Alona was born with an Eevee mother, and a Quilava father. She was an only child, but that was ok, She knew that her parents wouldn't get to her attention if she did had any siblings. Both parents had their unique talents. Her Mother was a singer, and a gorgeous one at that. Her Father was a story teller. Not someone who write books, but tells stuff like real life story and such in person. His specialty was fictional story. Alona was gifted with her Mother voice and could sing as beautifully as her. Alona was really close to her mother. She learned everything from taking care of herself to singing. However, if there was one negative thing that she learned from her, it's the swearing. Now both Alona and the Mother doesn't swear too much, they know better than that. But once in a while they'll give at least one swear words per 10 minutes.

Alona was sad that her Mother was going to leave her on a trip in a far away place one day, but she was also happy. Happy that her Mother could experience such trip. However, She soon developed a fear of attachment due to her missing her mother terribly Alona would sing in the middle of Rainfront Town. Everyone would come listen to her beautiful song and the strange lyrics she came up with after hearing her Father's story. There was one special Pokemon in the crowd that stick out every day. It was a Deino who she has fallen in love with. She haven't talk to him due to her attachment fears, however. She would soon be right about her fears as Alona and her Father have moved to Grassveil town.

Alona is now enough now to travel to places just like her mother. She knows that the Guild is a perfect place to start. However, Alona feels like she isn't ready yet. Recently, She would sing next to the town's Water fountain Every afternoon

» Other: N/A

Alona the Eevee. 633Alona the Eevee. Animated_oras_xy_sylveon_sprite_by_arcticwolf0418-d8mmic3Alona the Eevee. LarvestaAlona the Eevee. 633
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Lazarus Rex

Lazarus Rex

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Alona the Eevee. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alona the Eevee.   Alona the Eevee. EmptyTue Jul 07, 2015 8:53 am

Yay new fluffy

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

Alona the Eevee. PMDSig
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Alona the Eevee.
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