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 A joke that gone too far...

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PostSubject: A joke that gone too far...   Fri Jul 03, 2015 3:57 pm

"I need to get money and items... But how?", Kurai asked to himself. Right after this question, he heard about the Bulletin Board in Grassveil's Guild. "Great, I just need to complete some requests!", Kurai said and headed to the Guild's Bulletin Board. After a long time looking the requests, he decided to pick this one:

A joke gone too far...:

"Sigh... With a friend like this, who needs enemies? This Raichu needs to learn a lesson! But... this won't be an easy task and the reward isn't so attractive, but a thunder stone must have some value, I can sell it to get some poke, or trade for items. Just gotta be extra careful to not evolve..." Kurai said.

Then he headed to Shadowhue Forest holding the request and looking for the client while he was on the way.

"I have to find this Plusle, hope it isn't the talkative type..."
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A joke that gone too far...
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