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 Third Age 2

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PostSubject: Third Age 2   Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:40 am

(As Jax requested~ For us, the few that haven’t really posted xD)

Triifyn’s awoke suddenly, his eyelids snapping open. He instantly slumped forward with a grunt, finding that his long limbs were pretty cramped up from the position in which he had slept; The Wood Elf’s clothing were slightly dampened from the morning dew, droplets running off his bronze-tan skin as he stretched his arms and shifted his legs out on the moist turf. The sky currently was a baby blue, herald of, indeed, a new morning.. However, Triifyn had planned to well be on his way before now. “Ugh.. I overslept. Damn..” He muttered, a bit embarrassed. The young elf had half-expected his mother to wake him up at the right time like she always would. He checked the map once, had a breakfast of basked chestnuts from his bag, shouldered it, then got up to continue his trip.

The young elf actually managed to cover a good distance that day, just like the day before; Despite the time lost, Triifyn was getting very close to his destination, the town to the east: Falrath. The seemingly endless hills finally fell to a darker landscape. Yes, it was much more rough and rocky in comparison to the soft grass, but the bare soles of Triifyn’s feet were tough from his countless wanderings in the woods.
He was now sprinting and jogging in intervals and found it to be effective, but a sudden stench stopped him in his tracks. It was definitely reeked of dead animal, no, animals. It assaulted his nostrils, so overpoweringly rancid that the elf had to swallow the bile that had instinctively risen in his throat.

He carried on closer, falling in a wary crouch for another half mile, soon overlooking a battlefield.. Or rather, a slaughter. Countless coyote corpses flecked the ground in gory pieces: Bashed and broken canine bones among blood-caked fur, bodies cleaved apart, decapitated heads, strewn pale-pink entrails and exposed flesh being feasted on by maggots and flies galore. Even from a distance the sight was enough to cause the lesser elf to gag, and he quickly turned away with his mouth covered. ‘Who could do something like this?’ All that remained of what possibly had been the culprit were huge gouges in the earth from a weapon, boot-prints and horseshoe tracks. Triifyn shunned the awful scene and ran from it. Nothing like this ever occurred at home in the forest. The animal folk weren’t to be treated like this, even in death. In that very moment, the realization dawned on him like a blow to the stomach: This was no place to careless like he had been thus far. This was not his Wood Elven forest to the west; The rules and customs he had followed since birth meant nothing here.

Tomorrow, he would reach Falrath.
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Third Age 2
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