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 Mega Evolution System

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PostSubject: Mega Evolution System   Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:56 am


Mega-Evolution, as the more recent players of the pokemon games know, is a powerful boost in a pokemon's power as they temporarily evolve into a stronger form. This is not in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, so we've devised a system for it on our own! Mega Evolution does not affect your Energy in any way unless the ability gained from it has something to do with Health and is mentioned in the Special Abilities and How they Work Thread.


How Do I Mega Evolve?
To Mega Evolve, you must first have a pokemon capable of mega evolution. Your character must be fully evolved, and actually have a Mega Evolution that is in the games. After you have that, you will need a Mysterious Stone, the Mysterious Stone is a Event Only item that can only be obtained through participating in events. Once you get the stone, you have your character that is capable of Mega Evolution touch it, and it will be bound to them. The Mega-Stone will still bind to your character even if they are not fully evolved however. When a Mega-Stone is bound to your character, it cannot work on anyone else. Their name is tied specifically to that stone, and if anyone else attempts to use it, it will simply not work. In simpler terms, it is useless to all but your own character you bound it to.

When Mega Evolving, you will use up a "Charge", sometimes Mega-Stones will come with charges, and sometimes they wont. When a Mega-Stone is charged, it will be given a number depending on how much its charged, 0 means no charge at all, while 10 means it's fully charged and cannot be charged anymore.

Each charge equates to a page, 1 charge means you can have 1 page of Mega Evolution, while 10 charges means you can RP as a Mega-Evolved character for 10 pages in a thread. Be sure to note the current charges while you're rping the character however, it's easier to keep track of it that way.

If you find that you are out of charges, or have none at all, you can go over to Admin Request Thread to request charges. In character, this will be explained as making an offering to the shrine in Fallen Leaf Copse. The Admin Request thread can be found >>HERE<< and each charge will cost 200 poke. Simply make a request in that thread, and once it's been carried out, you may add on the amount of charges you bought onto your character.

Now go and Enjoy your Mega-Evolved character, that is IF you meet the requirements!



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Mega Evolution System
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