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 Why is he staring at the water like that?

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PostSubject: Why is he staring at the water like that?   Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:57 pm

First topic message reminder :

Aoi stared at the water intently, disregarding his reflection and only paying attention to the clearness of the pond. He dipped his paw in the crystal liquid, swaying it back and forth to study the ripples coming from the movement.
Mmhmm, nice, the espurr thought, standing up and nodding his head. If only he can find a bottle to capture the water and drink it on his travels. Still, all he did was stare, standing there for quite awhile. He didn't think about looking silly compared to others... However, what others think is the least of his concern, anyways.
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PostSubject: Re: Why is he staring at the water like that?   Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:24 am

The espurr was a bit reluctant about telling his name. He turned his body away a bit, looking over to the two Pokemon over his shoulder. He paused a bit before telling his most common alias.
"...Aoi," The psychic smiled, trying to force himself to have more social grace - it's what he grew up with, really. Despite his quiet, taciturn nature Aoi was used to being kind and gentle towards others. His father used to tell him that if you know them well or not, it's always nice to be urbane.
The Pokémon thought he was being a bit rude still, not facing his acquaintances and all. Aoi faked a cough, making sound as real as possible.
"Ahem," he 'cleared' his throat, "Excuse me..." The cat-like Pokémon 'apologized', turning towards them one last time (and staying there). Aoi assumed that coughing would give him an excuse to seem like he turned away because of a tickle in his throat; he had hoped the two other Pokemon didn't think he disliked them or something.
"You both have lovely names."
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PostSubject: Re: Why is he staring at the water like that?   Tue Mar 31, 2015 12:30 pm

What Izumi claimed confused the blue-colored Pokémon a bit.
"Huh? I don't see how my fairly recent arrival could be already talked about so much. I've barely met any Pokémon... But I suppose news does spread like wildfire."
If most of the town's inhabitants were close to each other, much like Lapis was to those in her Goomy town, no wonder rumors and arrivals would be able to get around. Maybe even just the idea of forming a team could reach the guildmaster in mere minutes. Just a taste of how crazy guild life must be.

Then, the cat pronounced some strange word, one that sounded like he was trying to get attention with a foreign accent.
When he complimented them, only then did it cross her mind that it was maybe his name.
"Oh wait," she gasped apologetically. "Is that your name? A...oi, was it?"
Already, enough confusion was spreading in the awkward meeting of the three unfamiliar creatures. First a minor confusion on what was being said, and then the more recent one. And the most odd part about it is that the confusion was toward the bizarre psychic-type.


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PostSubject: Re: Why is he staring at the water like that?   Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:50 pm

"Ali. Nice to meet you. And a great name too; crisp, clean, and to the point." Izumi nodded to the Espurr, then smiled sheepishly at the Goomy. "Well... When you spend most of the hours of your day sitting at a counter waiting to open your next box, you're in a prime position to catch on to rumors rather quickly. I hear about a lot of the newcomers and greenhorns while I'm working; I guess you could say I'm kind of the guild's info reservoir," The Absol chuckled, crossing her left paw over the right one.

Izumi looked over and smiled at the Espurr as he complimented her name. "Thank you, that's nice of you to say," she commented, but before closing her mouth she added, "So, where do you come from Aoi? Is it close by, or did you come from far away?"


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PostSubject: Re: Why is he staring at the water like that?   

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Why is he staring at the water like that?
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