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 Items I need for future characters and present ones

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PostSubject: Items I need for future characters and present ones   Thu Mar 19, 2015 8:28 pm

This is just a list of items that I need for future and present chars. That's all, and if you want to give me any unwanted items that are on this list, PM me, or contact me in the cbox.

1: Lunar Ribbon and Razor Claw (Stark The Sneasel)
2: Lunar Ribbon and Soothe Bell (Yoru The Shiny Eevee) (Future char) (This is just a possibility, as well is the next one)
3: Sun Ribbon and Soothe Bell (Yoru The Shiny Eevee) (Future Char) (Possibility)
4: Soothe Bell and Sun Ribbon (Ōra The Riolu) (Future)
5: Joy Ribbon (Dark The Poochyena) (Future)
6: Joy Ribbon (Jolt The Shinx) (Future)
7: Joy Ribbon (Rokku The Gible) (Future)
8: Joy Ribbon (Ember The Houndour) (Future)
9: Rainy Orb (Luna The Goomy) (When she's a Sliggoo)
10: Absolite (Mira The Shiny Absol) (When the Absolite is available on site) (Future)
11: Sun Ribbon (Kaida The Tyrunt) (Future) (Already have 1 Sun Ribbon, thus there might only be two needed.)


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Items I need for future characters and present ones
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