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 Stark Lin The Sneasel

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PostSubject: Stark Lin The Sneasel   Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:20 pm

» Name: Stark Lin Just call her Stark. If you call her Lin, you're already dead.
» Gender: Female
» Species: #215, Sneasel, The Sharp Claw Pokémon
» Affiliation: Outlaw

» Level: 5
» Energy: 22
» Ability: Inner Focus Serebii Entry: This Pokémon will not flinch. Does not prevent flinching with Focus Punch.
» Moves:
-Scratch (Start)
-Leer (Start)
-Taunt (Start)
-Icicle Crash (Egg)

» Personality: Stark is an arrogant and snarky Sneasel. She won't back down from a fight, and her anger is quite something to behold. Around her friends, sometimes she'll get a little too proud and will start bragging if she did something extremely well. Stark also is very sneaky, and will be silent when she wants to be. Most of the time she's a bit more serious and proud (but not too proud mostly), and doesn't act snarky or arrogant unless she wants to.
» Likes:
-Theivery: This is one of Stark's favorite hobbies, and will find someone to rob whenever she can.
-Gems: Out of all the particularly nice things she could steal, Stark likes gems the most. Their shining gleam seems to attract her towards them.
-Chocolate: It is one of Stark's favorite foods. Who wouldn't like chocolate?
-Fellow outlaws that aren't stupid: Stark occasionally teams up with other outlaws to rob someone, and when she does, she picks carefully and makes sure the ones she chooses aren't dumb.

» Dislikes:
-Being Robbed After Robbing Another: Stark absolutely HATES the outlaws that steal from other outlaws, because she sees this as something that breaks logic, in her eyes.
-Pokémon That Squeal on Robbers: Stark greatly dislikes these kinds of Pokemon, and will get her revenge if she ever has one of these 'mon tell on her like a 5-year-old.
-Those who like to interfere with a robbery that she is commiting: Similar to being robbed after robbing someone else. It just doesn't make sense to her.
-Explorers: They seem to be lurking around every corner, and all of them are out to get her and turn her in. This angers AND scares her at the same time.

» History: Stark grew up originally in a village filled with outlaw Pokemon. The first few years of her life were quite the same, because after all, it was a village filled with outlaws. Her friends tended to hang around with her a lot, much to the pleasure of her two Weavile parents. For quite some time, the Sneasel and all her other friends would chase each ther around the village, help out each other in some situations such as being bullied, etc. It was a good life for Stark.

 For a while, Stark's parents trained her to become more of an experienced outlaw like them. She started going out with her parents when they had raids on different towns and villages. They seemed to succeed, because most of the towns and villages didn't have guilds. There was one particular parent out of the pair that taught Stark the ways of robbery: Sutoraiku, or Strike, her father. He taught her how to be extremely quiet while sneaking about, and how to slip out and in without making a sound when robbing at night. Stark started dedicating herself to trying to be the best she could be.

After a couple of years, Stark decided she wanted to go off on her own. Before she left, Sutoraiku gave her bandages to wrap around her fore-arms, and a scarf See "Other" section for appearance of said scarf* as a going away gift. Then she set off with great intentions to be one of the greatest robbers there ever was. It took her months and months, but eventually Stark reached the farther borders of Grassveil town. The Sneasel took this as a golden opportunity and now resides in Shadowhue Forest, slinking in the shadows, waiting for the right time to strike.



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PostSubject: Re: Stark Lin The Sneasel   Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:28 pm

Sorry, your Character Bio cannot be approved due to the following reasons:

1.) HISTORY She's been around outlaws all her life, if the village she lived in truly was filled with them. Not to mention she would steal from residents of this village (why none of them would harm her for thinking she could steal from a veteran outlaw no one knows). So, why would her taking on outlawish actions, which, by the way, she already was doing, would make her suddenly not be peaceful? Just because outlaws break the laws, that does not make them inherently violent and against peace.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any of the Secretaries. May it be through the Chatbox or through Private Messaging, we will tend to your concerns as soon as we can. Please fix your bio accordingly so that we may be able to approve it. Once you have completed your edits, either bump this thread or message us.

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PostSubject: Re: Stark Lin The Sneasel   Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:40 pm

Extra comments

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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PostSubject: Re: Stark Lin The Sneasel   

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Stark Lin The Sneasel
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