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 Bangbronze's Poke-Art Shop

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PostSubject: Bangbronze's Poke-Art Shop   Bangbronze's Poke-Art Shop EmptyFri Sep 14, 2012 1:38 am

I make all avatars on my computer and they are custom made though they may have a few flaws. If you are unhappy with your product than pm me about what the problenm is and I will do my darndest to fix it. I make avatars and art(as in pictures of Pokemon or scenes that contain Pokemon made with pencil crayon and pencil).

Samples of Computer Recolour Avatars (Includes Fakemon):

Prices: Avatar: 100 Poke
Art: Honestly depends on size and detail. If you want art just describe the picture and I'll do my best to make it. For example, I recently did a quite large and detailed picture of Temporal Tower that takes up about 38 x 25 centimetres (1.666' x 10". Roundabouts.).
And here it is, after the big hugenormous wait.
Bangbronze's Poke-Art Shop Tempor10
Waiting list: _____
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Bangbronze's Poke-Art Shop
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