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 Battling and Levelling

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PostSubject: Battling and Levelling   Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:46 pm

Battling and Levelling Systems

What would a Pokemon RP be without battling? Here we explain how battling works and what it takes to get your character to the next level.


Battling is largely based on what you, the player, decides to do. We give you a lot of free reign during battle so that it feels more like a roleplay rather than with the mechanics that you would get inside a normal Pokemon game. You can use your moves strategically to do pretty much what you want as long as it is within the rules and the person or people you are roleplaying with has nothing against it.

Please be aware that though you do have a lot of freedom with battling, moderators will always be monitoring your posts and checking to see that the rules are upheld.

Now onto the slightly harder bit.
Levelling is judged on how many pages you have role-played with your character. There are 15 posts per page but this doesn't really matter. Any unfinished pages will not count towards your character's experience because it just makes the simple system all that more complicated.
Your character gains a level for every Five pages you RP. If you end up with Four full pages in one topic and then have another topic with One single full page, that still counts as Five, but only if you used the same character.

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Battling and Levelling
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