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 [Updated: 2/25/15] Join Jak's and Joey's Story!

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PostSubject: [Updated: 2/25/15] Join Jak's and Joey's Story!   Sun Feb 08, 2015 5:00 am

Current Characters

Character NameSpeciesOwner

I am currently working on a fanfiction for Jak and Joey's story before they had arrived onto this site.

When you get to add your character. You are given edit access to the document's I make for the story. They are hosted on Google drive, before uploading to fanfiction. I will have to download them into the format that they use. If you have a fanfiction account. I will gladly add your account info to the author notes in every chapter your involved in.

Your character's are under your complete control. It is recommended to use fresh characters not on the site yet. Unless you know a way to incorporate their story into this one.

Now note. If you do plan on adding a character. You will be actively participating in writing the story alongside me. I will need an email to add you to the editor list of the Google document I am using to write the story. If this is a problem then you will have to edit through suggestion mode and I will have to approve the suggestions every time. This is to prevent others from destroying it if they somehow got the link.

It is not required to have the character exist on the site. However it is recommended on creating them at some point after submitting an application here.

Please use this template with your application if you plan on joining.

Application Template and Description

Name: (Name of the character)
Species: (Their species)
Gender: (Male/Female)
Relationship with Jak: What is the character's relationship with Jak. [Not accepting anything relating to love]
Relationship with Joey: What is the character's relationship with Jak.
Home Location: Where is this character's home in relationship with this story. (Only use this if they are not part of the village that gets destroyed)
Personality: What is this character's Personality
Likes: What is this character's Likes
Dislikes: What is this character's Dislikes



[b]Relationship with Jak:[/b]
[b]Relationship with Joey:[/b]
[b]Home Location:[/b]


Last edited by coaster3000 on Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:36 am; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Add gender information to template. Whooops...)
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PostSubject: Re: [Updated: 2/25/15] Join Jak's and Joey's Story!   Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:03 pm

((I promised you help. Here it is.))
Name: Via
Species: Axew
Relationship with Jak: Friends
Relationship with Joey: Acquaintances
Home Location: Same village :P
Personality: A tiny bit shy, Via is social, but not reaaaalllly social. For the most part she'll shy away when meeting new people, but if she's around friends she's ok. When in battle, she'll be really strategic and fierce, most likely telling her allies the plan before anything else. Besides that, she's a very kind soul and won't back down when it comes to protecting her friends and other allies.
Likes: Friends, other dragon types, adventure, and... well, her home.
Dislikes: Outlaws, fire, natural disasters, the dark


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PostSubject: Re: [Updated: 2/25/15] Join Jak's and Joey's Story!   Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:37 am

Character accepted
Additional Notes: Character is a female. This was mentioned in chat. Forgot to have that as part of the original form.

Thanks for joining the story!

I would also like to state that the first post will contain a list of accepted character's from now on.

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PostSubject: Re: [Updated: 2/25/15] Join Jak's and Joey's Story!   Sat Feb 28, 2015 4:12 am

Name: Hope
Species: Dratini
Gender: Female
Relationship with Jak: Random idiot
Relationship with Joey: Random idiot
Home Location: Unknown, she ran through the town they lived in and was around just messing around. Normally remembered by her extreme speed.
Personality:Hope is a complete and total idiot when it comes to most situations. She likes to rush ahead without thinking if anything and is willing to trust anyone more then once. Sometimes she can show a bit of intelligence but most of the time she's just a dolt that can move faster then the eye can see. She can become sad when the time calls for it but she always tries to make light of a dangerous situation even going as far as insulting a enemy during a fight. Once someone is her friend they are her friend for life.
Likes: Dragons, speed, color red
Dislikes: Enemies, being still, party pooper.


The wanderer know as Noel

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PostSubject: Re: [Updated: 2/25/15] Join Jak's and Joey's Story!   

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[Updated: 2/25/15] Join Jak's and Joey's Story!
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