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 Victoria's Kingdom Records and Discussion

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PostSubject: Victoria's Kingdom Records and Discussion   Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:27 am

This thread is just to assist me in keeping track of things and making sure everything is together without shoving it all into my records and taking up even more space.

What is Victoria's Kingdom?
Victoria's Kingdom is a bit of a "clan" if you will in Black Spear Mountain Range led by my character Victoria the Tyrunt. She calls herself the Queen and holds herself responsible for protecting her pokemon and making sure everything runs smoothly and peacefully. The way the kingdom will function, is that you may be a part of it so long as you contribute in some way instead of slacking and doing nothing for free stuff. However, due to lack of an actual village of some sorts, it is rather easy to claim to be something for her but you still need to prove it to her. However, once the time comes round where you're expected to do the job, you'll be kicked out if you don't get right on it.

Freedom in the kingdom is very loose, laws are very similar to that of Grassveil, and anyone interrupting the peace will receive punishment from Victoria herself accordingly. It is not cared whether or not your past is rotten and bad to the bone, in Victoria's Kingdom, she doesn't care if you've killed a thousand pokemon, if you're here to help and live a peaceful life without anything up your sleeves, you're free from outside law.

Can I Join It?
Yes normal user characters can join the kingdom and be considered a part of it. However, you cannot be an explorer or a shop keep somewhere else at the same time. When moving into the kingdom, you must live in Blackspear. Using this thread you can request to live in Blackspear with Victoria.

If you wish to join, then either PM me to post here to request to become a part of the kingdom, and we can begin a thread where Victoria comes to meet your character and recruits them. (Note that it wont be an "ohai yes ur in mah kingdoom now" as your character will need to build relationship with her and prove their worth.

Below is a list of current relations with the kingdom, ones that have a * are special spots that need a high level of relationship with her to achieve and needs confirming by me that it would actually work out.
Current Residents
Lennox(not initiated yet)
* (Queen's Love Interest and rules side by side with the Queen)

Veriq (Assists the queen with anything to do with numbers and watches over Tacticians.)
Ivirar the Eevee (Coming Soon, not initiated yet)
* (Gives advice to the Queen/King over the morality of decisions and helps balance the happiness of the people)
* (In charge of military relations and watches over the Knights)

(Studies tactics for various things whether it be combat or a simple task like moving a bunch of logs)

(Defend the territory and attack in times of war, also double as peacekeepers)

(Keep up the moral of the village and help to make others happy)

(Makes food for everyone)

(Gather supplies such as food and water for everyone along with items)

Spies: *
(Spies on enemies and the kingdom for the queen for anything the townsfolk might not be telling her)

Medicals: * (Doctors)

Builders: (Builds homes and dens for occupants)

x4 Scraggy (NPC)Fears Victoria's wrath so they obey her will

NOTE: NPCS Cannot be summoned upon will, but can be rolled in natural and claimed to be one of the NPCs

What does my character have to do?
Nothing really, it's a title and relationship with Victoria and a growing community in Blackspear! It also gives your character an excuse to go and do threads if you find you're having trouble in doing things, for example if they're a Jester they could be out and about trying to find new ways to make others laugh, spies could be looking for information, Medicals researching plants, chefs looking for ingredients for their dish.


None, if you have any questions feel free to post them or PM me about them!


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Victoria's Kingdom Records and Discussion
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