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 Wanting to fly with no wings.

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Wanting to fly with no wings. Empty
PostSubject: Wanting to fly with no wings.   Wanting to fly with no wings. EmptySat Jan 17, 2015 5:49 pm

"I wish I could fly. There must be intresting things in the islands in the sky..."

Lance got tired of exploring the lands on the ground, so he turned his attention to the sky. He has heard that there are islands in the sky, and there is a village on one of them. He really wants to go see for himself, but there is one small problem: He can't fly! He needs the help of someone who can, so he can go up there himself. If you want to take him up there, pm me or reply in this thread and I'll arrange things.

Your character must be physically able to carry Lance, be able to control their flight skills, and be the same size or bigger to be able to take him there.

Lance's Height: 2'04"
Lance's Weight: 44.5 lbs

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Wanting to fly with no wings. Riolu_lick_icon_by_Futurecartoonist12
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Wanting to fly with no wings. LanceTheRiolu
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Wanting to fly with no wings.
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