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 Joey the Pichu

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PostSubject: Joey the Pichu   Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:11 am

» Name: Joey
» Nick Name: Sparks
» Gender: Male
» Species: (#172) Pichu the  Tiny Mouse Pokémon
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level:  5
» Energy: 16
» Ability: Static
» Moves:
- Tail Whip (5)
- Charm (1)
- Thunder Shock (1)
- Charge  (Egg)

» Personality:
Joey is a bit of a prankster. He likes to have some "fun" with his friends. However when he is not busy pranking others. He is quite friendly and will not hesitate to help friends. Due to his history, Joey can be a emotional at times. It would most likely go away with age though. Joey was always fun to have around, although at times his pranks can get over the top. 
Joey can be quite impulsive about things. Not always thinking about what could happen. This is apparent during one of his pranks on Jak.
Due to being so fond of the  power of electric attacks. Joey is extremely excitable around lightning storms.  He loves them a lot. However he is not the biggest fan of the wind involved in some storms.

» Likes: 
Joey Loves to create very elaborate pranks. Some of them might not even make much sense until seeing it a couple of times.
Joey loved the feeling of power go through him. It was quite often that he would charge himself just to feel the power. Often at times causing larges amount of static to occur. 
Joey is very fond of electricty. He likes to feel the intense energy when certain moves other electric types dish out.

» Dislikes: 
Despite Joey's love for pranking others. He dislikes causing harm to others due to them. He would get  upset with himself if he did.
Joey is not a fan of violence and likewise will attempt to avoid it if necessary unless its to compete in a match of skill Such as Sparring

He does not like to see others be involved  in pointless arguments. They have a tendency to make him upset at times.
Joey is not the biggest fan of storms that bring very strong winds. It makes it harder for him to experience the amount of power the storm can pump out through its lightning.

Joey is not a big fan of seeds as he had some seeds swapped once by Jak as payback for one of Joey's earlier pranks. He was stunned for quite a while due to it.

» History: 
Joey has had a history with Jak for quite a while. In a village they were in they had played a lot together along with another friend.  
The entire time both Jak and Joey had lived in the village. Joey moved into the village when he was young. Both him and Jak were young then as a matter of fact. They had only met each other in the field one day. 

Joey had at one time asked the other friend if they could fill the sack with water for him. He did not really give a reason. That day Joey had prepared a little prank for Jak. When he would exit his home he would be on the watery end of a bad joke, Quite literally.

Joey never really took into consideration that this could have seriously harmed Jak. It had slipped his mind at the time. Later that day Jak had went to leave the house, as he exited the house the sack of water hit him. Considering Jak was a fire type. It stung pretty badly. He came off lucky for the water did not get his tail flame. That day Joey was quite upset after finding out what could of happened. One of the major contributing reasons why he disliked causing harm to others due to his pranks.

Joey has been friends with the Charmander for a long time. The main reason Jak still considered him a good friend was the fact that Joey was always there for him when he needed help. Jak would sometimes manage to get a prank back on Joey on occasion. Although they may not be as elaborate as the ones Joey liked to use. They were simple ones that would have everyone including Joey, laugh at times.

Joey and Jak and the other friend was quite great together. It wasn't too often were Joey's pranks were too dangerous since the prank with the water.
There had been times Jak had gotten Joey back. Switching some of the seeds he had for part of his meal with some that would stun you... That got him pretty good for a while. Considering the seeds effects usually work by just throwing it at something. Ingesting it almost tripled the effect.

One day the  village was raided. It was chaos however it managed to hold steady. After a few  more raids it was becoming clear that the raids were not going to stop. The last  raid that had occurred, The unexpected had occurred. The village was completely  destroyed as they were forced to flee it. In the process Joey got separated from his friends.

The only thing he had with him as he left was a thunder stone given to him by his brother. His brother is presumed lost during the last raid. Although it is not entirely known if he is still alive.

» Other: The pichu has a thunder stone on hand. It was the only thing he had left from his home as he left.

Note: This is going to be provided via one from Jak's Inventory

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PostSubject: Re: Joey the Pichu   Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:10 pm

Awesome Bio!!!

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!


Click for Records^
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Joey the Pichu
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