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 Trying to Get Back Into Swing of Things

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Lazarus Rex

Lazarus Rex

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PostSubject: Trying to Get Back Into Swing of Things   Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:44 am

Ok so i've taken a bit of a break from actually rping on the PMD RP and I would favor getting back into it. However I will not be using my more powerful characters, Archeops, Shiny Gyarados, and Lucario, and instead be focusing on my basic staged pokemon. Don't expect fast paced posting from me and I'd highly require something to spice up the thread rather than just meeting and making small talk and fighting off random pokemon that decide to pop out at them. Some sort of plot/point to the thread.

Below are my characters I desire to RP with.

Mirage the Zorua | F | Outlaw | LVL 21

A mischievous fox that believes that the outlaw life is the only path for her due to her experiences in her birth village. She has recently begun to hesitate with moral decisions and is beginning to doubt herself.

Aries the Skiddo | M | Shopkeep | LVL 8

A innocent bubbling youth that is practically bathed in ignorance. He's terrified of new things, but curious towards them as well. He idolizes his parents and loves to talk about them, occasionally becoming homesick every now and again. Perhaps too innocent for his own good...

Victoria the Tyrunt | F | Neutral | LVL 10

A young princess that believes she is superior to others, she confuses her friends with subjects, thus constantly calling them that, and refuses to call them otherwise for the sake of tradition. She is highly loyal to her friends however and is looking for pokemon to recruit to a kingdom she desires to build in Blackspear Mountain Range.
NOTE: Victoria is colored differently than a normal tyrunt.

Zera the Houndour | M |Outlaw | LVL 7

A dumb brute that loves to prove himself to others with his strength, even if it means beating them down. He is currently growing a greed complex but as of now it only extends to Territory and Land. He loves the thrill of the fight and is a wanted dog in Rainfront for attacking a riolu.

Zephyr the Nidoran | M | Explorer | LVL 6

Another brute that favors fighting, but for a different reason. He's a headstrong young man with a rather violent past and desires to become stronger. He has a tendency to treat females a bit poorly due to his upbringing, and could be viewed as slightly sexist.


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Trying to Get Back Into Swing of Things
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