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 Sweetie's Character Gallery

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PostSubject: Sweetie's Character Gallery   Sun Dec 21, 2014 5:42 pm

» Name:

» Gender:

» Species:
Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokémon (#007 National Pokédex)

» Affiliation:
Wanderer (Chaotic Neutral)

» Level:

» Energy:
15 BE  

» Ability:

» Moves:
- Tackle [Start]
- Mirror Coat [Egg]

» Personality:
Shui populates her life with variety and thrills, and has a good deal of temperament and independence. She has plenty of rebelliousness yet, while she is sociable and idealistic, conceit sometimes mars her good intentions. She is very determined and prefers to clear her own path in life, which can make her seem selfish and hasty. Her idealism is fortified by powerful ambition. She is constantly busy building up her own unique perspective on life, which causes her to close her mind to the concepts and beliefs of others. She is a very expressive individual with many prejudices and immovable beliefs, and may appear somewhat distant and removed.

Shui knows what she wants from life and she contrives to get it. She has a keen sense of her own individuality and, though she can’t help feeling immediate approval or disapproval, she believes in a live-and-let-live policy. Those who see her as egoistical are probably correct. She is the prime example of a maverick and unruly rebel.  

Renewing herself is one of Shui’s wonderful abilities. She loves to dig deep into unusual subjects, and the exotic and uncharted fascinate her. She is tempted by the delight of distant places and she loves to travel. She seeks to experience as much as she can in life, and absolutely no one can fetter her independence and free will. She always gets up from falls, no matter how many times she is set back or how many personal misfortunes she faces.

The necessities for Shui’s success in the world are controlling that desire to travel and learning to co-operate more with others. Keeping her feelings balanced and guarding against extremes of thought and activity are important too. Sensationalising and exaggerating are both things she also has a tendency to do.

» Likes:
Travelling – Shui is a natural adventurer. She has a deep-rooted desire to explore uncharted territories and uncover the darkest secrets of every dungeon.

Sour berries – whereas many may cringe at the thought, she loves sour food that makes her mouth pucker. Her favourite berry is probably the Belue berry.

Challenges – she certainly isn’t the type to take on an easy mission, if she can help it. If she’s not working hard, then she’s not having fun.

Water – this one is kind of obvious given that she’s a Water-type, but she really loves to swim. She prefers swimming in the ocean as opposed to freshwater lakes and rivers, mainly due its vastness. She also likes the rain as it tends to refresh her.

» Dislikes:
Dishonesty – Shui is a truth seeker and if there’s one thing she hates, it’s lying. She may be blunt and blasé, which often gets her into trouble, but at least she’s truthful. If you ever betray or lie to her, don’t expect forgiveness to come soon.

Delays – she’s impatient too, and loathes having to wait around for anything, like slow teammates. This can be a problem if she has to work in a team and someone gets hurt (she’s not exactly compassionate).

Clinginess – though she’s fine socialising and working with strong Pokémon who can fend for themselves and isn’t in the least a loner, she turns her nose up at those who can’t stand on their own feet. It really bugs her, and she won’t hesitate to tell someone to get lost if they can’t cope and keep complaining. Negativity isn’t something that she’s willing to accept on a daily basis either.

» History:
Shui was born to a male Corsola (who gave her the move Mirror Coat) and a female Wartortle on a small island located above the surface of the Coral Forest. She was raised by a group of Water-type Pokémon that used to migrate to different islands depending on the season. This is probably why she prefers seawater to freshwater as it reminds her of her childhood. Shui was rarely engaged in any battles at an early age, hence her low experience, though she always had dreams of making her own way in the world. The thought of staying at home and travelling with her parents to the same islands every year bored her greatly, and she would often swim as far out into the ocean as far as she could manage before she got tired and had to swim back.

She had a younger brother who used to seriously annoy her as he was timid and took to following her all of the time.  Considering she isn’t very family-orientated, she used to ignore him or purposefully swim in tough currents so he wouldn’t be able to keep up. This would often get her into trouble as he’d usually get himself hurt, and he’d start crying. Despite this, she was still protective of him, and would get uppity whenever other members of the pod would pick on him for being shy.

One day, Shui managed to swim far enough that she reached the mainland where Grassveil Town and the Guild were located. Intent on adventure, she stayed for a while, getting acquainted with the locals before returning home and announcing that she was moving permanently. This was met with some controversy, but opinions of others were lost to her ears. Nowadays, she’s still hoping to apply to the Guild and make a new team, as well as train to get stronger so that she can travel further and find more new places.

» Created: 11.12.2014

» Original profile: http://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t3654-shui-squirtle
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Sweetie's Character Gallery
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