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 Rally the Riolu

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PostSubject: Rally the Riolu   Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:31 pm

» Name: Rally
» Gender: Female (♀)
» Species: #447 Riolu the Emanation Pokémon
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 16 (11+Level)
» Ability: Prankster (Hidden Ability)
» Moves:
-Foresight (Start)
-Quick Attack (Start)
-Bullet Punch (Egg)
-Endure (Start)

» Personality: Rally is a shy girl, prone to blushing at even the slightest provocation. She is rather timid and easily intimidated, but is never the less willing to fight for what she believes in. Rally has a tendency to organize her belongings and hates for them to not be clean. She is infatuated by the stories Sabbia told her as a child, and sees being an explorer in a positive light. She speaks in a very polite manner, on rare occasions even apologizing after using an attack. However, despite all her flaws, Rally is a true companion and a true friend.

» Likes:

  • Keeping her stuff clean and organized: Growing up with a Sandslash, Rally learned to appreciate keeping her gear clean and organized, allowing her to have access to it right when she needs it.
  • Exploring: Rally grew up hearing about the various explorations and exploits of her parents and Sabbia, filling her with a sense of wonder and a desire to do so herself.
  • Cooking: Growing up, Sabbia made sure that Rally was able to cook, clean, and mend things; while she enjoys all three, Rally most enjoys cooking. Rally finds the experience of cooking to be like an adventure, with new recipes as unknown territories and additions to existing recipes as finding a new path through an area. While sometimes her cooking ends up less than desirable, she still sees it as a valuable experience.

» Dislikes:

  • Crowded places: As a Riolu, Rally does not yet have full mastery of her aura-based abilities, and because of this, she can easily get overloaded by too many new or unidentified auras at once. Therefore, she normally avoids such places unless with someone else who understands this difficulty and can help her manage it (Sabbia was one of the few people in Rally's life who could do that)
  • Scary Pokémon and Places: Rally can be easily frightened and intimidated, and thus does not like anything scary. While it would not prevent her from entering a dungeon, it would likely slow her progress through it, as while she is scared, that does not mean she is unwilling to face her fears (difficult, but not impossible).
  • Bullies: Growing up, Rally was regularly tormented by bullies in her hometown. This instilled in her a fear of these type of people, often causing her to shut down in their presence instinctively. She is trying to get over this so that she can stand tall in the face of those who would do such to her and to others, but it is still rather difficult for her...

» History: Born to a pair of Explorers, Rally loved spending time with her parents. Though they continued to go adventuring even after she was [born/hatched], Rally wasn't lonely, as she was left in the care ofan old adventuring buddy; a Sandslash called Sabbia. As she grew up, Rally would be teased by other young pokémon in the village nearby, leading her to a life of fear and ostricism. Her only solace was in hearing the tales of various exploits of her parents as well as Sabbia, filling her with a sense of wonder and excitement as well as a longing to become an explorer herself. When she told her parents, they just smiled and nodded, happy that their daughter approved of them despite being away. Even though they were apart for great lengths at a time, they lead a happy life.
Then one day, Rally and Sabbia received news that Rally's parents had disappeared in a Mystery Dungeon. Though saddened by this, neither Sabbia nor Rally gave up hope. A few months after disappearing, Sabbia gave Rally her permission to go and become an explorer. Rally set out with high hopes that she would become a great explorer like her parents and that someday, she would find them.

» Other: Rally's parents are, in fact alive, but their werabouts are currently unknown. Every once in a while, Rally hears a rumor of their being spotted at any number of Mystery Dungeons.
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PostSubject: Re: Rally the Riolu   Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:53 am

Have fun!

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!


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Rally the Riolu
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