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PostSubject: Friendly Venture   Friendly Venture Empty10/17/2014, 1:37 am

Today was a day. Every day had something unique to it, Tina had found. This time, she was going out into the Pecha Forest with one of Varda's recently introduced friends, Lance the Riolu. It was part of a sort of 'exercise' Varda had suggested for trust-building; Tina and Lance would go out into the forest to explore a bit, get a handle for eachother's skills, and hopefully get a long and learn some things.

The Riolu had believed to be an ingenious idea, and had turn to Tina to decide a time and place: here, and now. It would be too long before the sun would be in the apex of the sky, where they only shadows cast would be purely vertical. Rather ideal for any escapades in the forest.

Tina stood near the entrance to the forest, waiting patiently for the Riolu to arrive at his own pace. She had understood Lance to be a promising, prompt kind of individual, so she held some confidence that the Riolu wouldn't be late. When he did arrive, Tina waved out to him heartily with a forepaw.

Her own cloth bag strung carefully yet tightly to the scruff of fur upon her neck, the Fennekin nodded in confirmation to the Riolu's own belongings brought along. "Ready?" Tina asked, almost rhetorically.
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PostSubject: Re: Friendly Venture   Friendly Venture Empty10/17/2014, 11:52 pm

Lance was walking towards the entrance of the forest, and saw Tina already there, waving at him. He walked up to her and smiled. "Hello Tina." He said in a happy voice. She then asked if he was ready. "Almost." He said. He reached into his bag and pulled out a blue hat, and placed it carefully onto his head. "Ok, now I'm ready." He knew that Tina might question him about the hat, but if she did, he wouldn't mind. Besides the wonder map and his explorer badge, the hat was the only item he brought. He wanted to save room for any items that he might pass by.

He turned to look at the forest, closing his eyes and searching for any source of aura in the leafy maze. After a couple of seconds of looking, he opened his eyes back up. "There aren't any Pokémon near the entrance of the forest, so we should be safe for a while."

The Riolu started to walk into the forest, adjusting his hat, and then turned around, looking at Tina. "So how long do you want to stay in Pecha Forest?" He asked.

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