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 (Reclaimed) Rouge Bone the Cubone

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PostSubject: (Reclaimed) Rouge Bone the Cubone   Thu Aug 07, 2014 6:32 am

Name: Rouge Bone
Gender: Male
Species: #104 Cubone the Lonely Pokemon
Affiliation: Unaffiliated

Level: 6
Ability: battle armor
- Skull Bash - Egg Move
- Growl - level 1
- Tail whip - level 3
- Blank

Likes: Solitude: likes his space and doesn't like to be bothered while alone unless it's necessary
Bones: his skull helmet and a random femur he found while on a walk with his mother are his only possessions he can remember them by (collects oddly shaped bones as a hobby)
Caves: his preferred living space due to it's darkness and solitude, mountains: with caves adds on to his solitude and makes him much happier living in them
Most foods: generally will not pass up anything that smells good to him
non-aggressive Pokemon: fighting is an absolute last resort for him as he prefers to run
Ice type Pokemon: likes how cold they are to the touch and how they like to be alone as much as he does
shiny objects: coins, metal, orbs, glass, doesn't matter because he's mesmerized by them all.

Dislikes: Slimy and dry foods: he only eats moist foods that don't feel like he's eating snot
touch: he doesn't generally like being touched, nor touching others, don't bother asking for a hug because 99 times out of 100 he'll say no immediately
extreme heat: reminds him of being in a group hug.

Rouge is an outsider; he doesn't play well with most other Pokemon, even if they attempt to become friends with him directly. He can seem as cold-hearted as most Ice-type Pokemon, and he would rather ignore a call for help from someone he doesn't know than help them out. But once a Pokemon has cracked his hard outer shell, he is the most loyal friend a Pokemon could ever have; even going so far as to sacrifice himself for them. But even his friends aren't allowed within a five inch radius of him unless they have proven to be worthy of his respect and utmost trust. Because of his half wild nature, he acts irrationally at times, and to his frustration, has difficulties completing sentences.


He was cast out of his birth village when he failed his Initiation to Adulthood Trials The trials consisted of eleven events such as swinging over spikes and fighting several Pokemon in a test of endurance, and he failed in making poffins. After he was cast out, he walked halfway across the region before finding a place where he could support himself. As he was forced to survive by himself in the wilderness, he slowly lost touch with his more civilized side and began to rely on his instincts rather than logic. Several times a group of outlaws found him and attempted to bring him back to intelligence so that they could use him for their own means, but they all failed. To this day, he lives in a semi-isolation, keeping mostly to himself and only going near towns to look for discarded items necessary for his survival.

Other: WARNING: do not attempt to hug or touch(friendly like a hand shake or high five) this Pokemon at any time, he will not hesitate to punch or kick you to get you away and discourage further touching.

Rouge never liked being touched due to his loneliness at school in his tribe, none of the other hatchlings played with him, much less noticed him, and thus he never got the physical contact from others that most have. Now he only likes to be touched by a very, very select few.

Rouge's birth tribe made him an outcast when he failed his trials as tradition dictates. None of the current inhabitants know how exactly these trials were started but there are three theories behind it:
1: They needed a way to prove that young Pokemon were ready to fight and protect the tribe.
2: It was to prove they had learned everything they could in their schooling before being allowed to leave if they want.
3: It started as a dare which carried on though all of the students until it was finally accepted by all of the adults in the tribe and made official.

Administrator's note: The information below is the progress made by the original RPer that could not be edited into the bio template (Items and threads.) Any prospective adopters may want to look through the threads linked below to see if any are open and the relationships this character had with other before filling out an adoption application.

» Inventory:
Bound Seed

» Page Count: 8
» Threads:
Of Rocks Bones and Broken Homes - 1
The Wild The Outlaw And The Outlandish - 2
The Shade of Shadows - 0
The Way It All Started - 3
Old Falls - 1
Can't Go Wrong Twice Right - 1

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PostSubject: Re: (Reclaimed) Rouge Bone the Cubone   Thu Aug 07, 2014 6:26 pm

Can you just proofread a bit more and change the title of this thread to Rouge Bone the Cubone? Other than that you're good!

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PostSubject: Re: (Reclaimed) Rouge Bone the Cubone   Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:27 pm

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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PostSubject: Re: (Reclaimed) Rouge Bone the Cubone   Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:01 am

Character Put Up For Adoption
Pokemon has been put up for adoption due to inactivity


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PostSubject: Re: (Reclaimed) Rouge Bone the Cubone   Fri Aug 28, 2015 10:47 am

Character reclaimed by original Rper

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PostSubject: Re: (Reclaimed) Rouge Bone the Cubone   

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(Reclaimed) Rouge Bone the Cubone
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