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 craving for something sweet (Oppen to everybody)

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PostSubject: craving for something sweet (Oppen to everybody)   Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:05 am

First topic message reminder :

the young snivy walked into the pecha forest, it was such a drag to walk here, and she felt slightly tired even if it was a short way from the guild to this location, she was here in order to get some lovely and sweet pecha berries in order to get some one to bake a berry cake just for herself, she was really carving for something sweet to eat, she looked around the forest the pecha berries were too high and she wasnt feeling like climbing up, a cute snivy like herself should never get too worked out with this kind of stuff anyways

Stella-"These are too high...where could i get a peasant Err...i mean pokemon to collect as many of them and carry them to my team's room"

she said to herself as she walked around the forest looking for some one captable of doing all of the work for her, she was also looking for some extra items if posible but mostly set to get as many berries as possible, and not having to work too hard to get them.

Stella-"This is such a drag, where could i find a helpfull pokemon in the middle of the forest!".

The young snivy said out loud hoping she could get any pokemon to show up to her.

=Energy -5 due to walking all the way to the forest=
Energy 14/19
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PostSubject: Re: craving for something sweet (Oppen to everybody)   Fri Jul 04, 2014 10:14 pm

"Well, Isoba, my name is Iver, but I guess you didn't catch that the first time," he said. "Anyway, let's worry about escape in a bit."
Iver redirected his attention to the lone Trapinch, walked up to him and said "I'm, uh, sorry... sorry for being hostile at first. Anyway, could you tell us more about you, if you don't mind?"
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PostSubject: Re: craving for something sweet (Oppen to everybody)   Sat Jul 05, 2014 4:04 am

Stella crossed her arms looking down being slightly upset about that responce, she might have to find someone else due to that.

Stella-"What a jerk, well maybe i have to find someone else..."

She then remembered the voices she heard a while ago, she decided to head for that direction instead, after some walking she spots the group of pokemon walking up to them, looking fairly annoyed as she came up close to the group.

Stella's mind-"i seriously should NOT be having to look this much for someone to help me"
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PostSubject: Re: craving for something sweet (Oppen to everybody)   

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craving for something sweet (Oppen to everybody)
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