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 Looking for the guild

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Looking for the guild Empty
PostSubject: Looking for the guild   Looking for the guild EmptyMon Jun 09, 2014 4:38 pm

From afar, Grassveil town looks like a peaceful place, however once Boreas steps into the town, he notice how crowed and boisterous it was, you could see an anger vein on his forehead “I going to kill those two…” he mutter angrily, he took a deep breath to calm his nerves and prevent a potential blizzard storming the town.

“Alright…first thing to do…find a place to stay...those two told me something but...I...don’t quite remember..." Boreas close his eyes and try to recall his parents words before leaving there.

Most of this memories where "bla bla bla", since he did not pay attention at all, once the word sleep…the actual word was loaf…echoes on his memories, everything sound clearly.

“look for a guild…bla bla bla…those place will accept even slackers like you…” once again the vein appears on his forehead, once again he chill out before his body react to his emotions, he don’t want to make a bad name of himself…yet…by covering the town with snow.

However with that information in mind he now knows where to go, the question in fact was ¿where is that guild? Despite his dislikes toward big crowds, he finally makes his mind and start to wander through the town and the crowd, asking for directions to find that guild.
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Looking for the guild
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