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PostSubject: theEXcore   Mon May 12, 2014 3:41 am

heya. i suppose this is the first place i should have poppd up ~ v~

how are ya? and thanks for dropin by. im a beginner artist, only been drawing for about two years now. i suppose i'll drop some links to drawings ive done that have to do with pokemon i guess.

first and foremost, i love ginjika. its mostly because i just like drawing humans more than animals. haha.

gena, the ralts / kirlia:

shes my first, and favorate of my ginjika. wont say too much about her for now since shes not going to be appearing till much later.

yuuka the meowstic:

this is yuuka. shes one of my faves, given that meowstic is one of my top 5 pokemon. again- wont say much aboiut her since she might not appear later. now thats enough of thoes i suppose. i'll post more relevent ginjika a bit later.

now heres a short line up of some of the charaters im currently working on...
poke team lineup.:

bare with me here, i havent toched that canvas in a bit, thanks to life happening.
from the most compleated mon starting from the left, is yuuka the meowstic, Adel teh riolu of justice, and Dayaa the zangoose.

dayaa is going to be the first mon i use here, so i'll expand on her in a little while. for not i suppose this is enough for an intro.

you can find most of my fail art here at my DA account- ex-master at deviantart

thanks for dropping by. i'll make sure to post here now and again.
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PostSubject: Re: theEXcore   Mon May 12, 2014 4:54 am

Alright alright alright, now since we are no longer allowed to badger you in the chat, I will badger about your artwork on where you posted on.

Lets see where to start

Color composition(im pretty sure i'm using those words incorrectly) I love it, it's perfect, exactly what the actually pokemon are clolored correctly, and If I look closely do I see do i see the shading doubling at hatches? Very smart thing to do. Second I love that line work, very crisp and confident, you know where your going with it. I just really like how you know exactly what you want to do(I literally just said that)

But yeah, really enjoy the stuff, i learned a couple things from looking at these pieces!Hope for some new pieces

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