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 Sprite Dex (including Kalos and Megas)

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PostSubject: Sprite Dex (including Kalos and Megas)   Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:14 am

This is a collection of all 2D sprites from Kanto to Kalos. It includes gender differences and the Mega Evolutions, and will include shinies once I've gottna all the normal ones up here. This is here simply for you all to have an easy-to-access place to download the sprites instead of needing to search the internet to find a place that'll let your download the sprites stupid psypoke and pokemondb not letting me take the sprites despite them not owning the damned things...

Now then, for the Kalos and Mega sprites specifically. These are not sprites from the games, obviously, meaning someone took the time and effort to make them. That someone is not me. All of them came from the Smogon XY Sprite Project. If any of you do download these sprites, please only show your edited sprites here on the site. God knows how long that collaboration of spriters took to make these, so don't claim any of them to be your's, even recolors. Please don't be that guy. The 3D Models are all animated and in Alphabetical order.

Anyways, here are the sprites they are ordered from 1-718, females are shown before males of species with gender differences. Mega Evolutions are in alphabetical order, the Latis share the same sprite, and Venusaur's has a gender difference. To download a sprite, click the gear in the upper righthand corner of the album and click "download full resolution." Enjoy!





Unova (Empty):


Mega Evolution:

Kanto;Shiny (Empty):

Johto;Shiny (Empty):

Hoenn;Shiny (Empty):

Sinnoh;Shiny (Empty):

Unova;Shiny (Empty):

Kalos;Shiny (Empty):

Mega Evolution;Shiny (Empty):

3D Animated Models:

Dandy's Boutique & Dandy's Dyes: Look dandy!

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Posts : 1921
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Join date : 2012-08-04
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PostSubject: Re: Sprite Dex (including Kalos and Megas)   Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:27 pm

Johto Dex added

Dandy's Boutique & Dandy's Dyes: Look dandy!
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Sprite Dex (including Kalos and Megas)
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