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 Carnie's Character Bunker

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PostSubject: Carnie's Character Bunker   Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:16 pm

Basic Info:

>> Name: Iji (goes by her full name, Ijirusame, whenever she's trying to make herself look impressive).
>> Gender: Female
>> Species: #158 Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokemon
Affiliation: Technically a wanderer, is trying to start her own team.

>> Level: 5
>> Energy: 19BE
>> Ability: Torrent
>> Moves:
- Scratch (Start)
- Leer (Start)
- Hyrdo Pump (Egg Move)

>> Likes: Iji is a restless soul, and as such she enjoys adventuring, organizing, being in charge, and anything that requires constant mental and physical engagement. She also has a strong protective, not-quite-motherly instinct, and prefers to have a group to take care of, thriving off of being responsible for others

>> Dislikes: Inactivity is the bane of her existence, as is failure, especially when it involves letting those she feels responsible for come to harm; such is the price for her gift of energy, organization, and protectiveness. She also hates being thought of as pompous or weak, as weak, pompous pokemon don't stay leader for very long, and she doesn't take kindly to having her authority undermined.

>> Personality: A cheerful, bustling, always-moving young wanderer, Iji tends to come across as a bit pompous and bossy, but don't be fooled: she has a remarkable talent for leadership and organization, and a need to care for others. (Usually by telling them what to do.) She has a great deal of ambition, and wants to get things moving in the world while she's here. She hates sitting still, and is terrified of failure or getting someone under her command hurt. Because of this she is highly cautious and pragmatic, and always makes sure to carry plenty of supplies.

>> History: Iji grew up with a loving family in a far-distant dungeon, until her need to move and do got the better of her and she went wandering. Something happened between then and now to make her more afraid, more cautious; no one knows what it was, and she refuses to talk about her time spent wandering before she set her sights on building a team in Grassveil. Her main concern now is not with the past, but with the future. (Or so she tells herself.)

>> Other: She's been lurking around Grassveil for a little while, but she doesn't really know anyone yet. Her mother is a Feraligatr, and her father is a Dragalge.


One Step (with Faye the Meganium, in progress)

A Good Day for the Sea (with Tom the Totodile, in progress)

Overconfidence (with Zera the Houndour, in progress)

...and another journey begins (Sosio the Fletchling, in progress)


- 1 Reviver Seed

Relationships and Affiliations:

Gharial: Iji's mother, a high-leveled, powerful Feraligatr who maintains order in the distant dungeon where Iji was born, along with her mate, Makara.

Makara: Iji's father, a high-leveled, powerful Dragalge who maintains order in the distant dungeon where Iji was born, along with his mate, Gharial.

Adventures So Far (A Quick Summary):

After traveling east for an unknown amount of time--a year, at the very least--Iji has finally reached Grassveil Town, and is preparing to start her own team. She has high ambitions, but what lengths is she willing to go to in order to see them out?

To be continued...

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Carnie's Character Bunker
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