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 Sosio the Fletchling!

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PostSubject: Sosio the Fletchling!   Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:03 pm

» Name: Sosio
» Gender: Female
» Species: Fletchling, the Tiny Robin pokémon (#661)
» Affiliation: a young wanderer

» Level: 5
» Ability: Big Pecks
» Moves:
-Tackle - Lvl. 1
-Growl - Lvl. 1
-Snatch - Egg Move

» Likes: Loves trees because it reminds her of home, and loves to fly around a lot because she loves the ability to fly and loves to exercise. She loves to eat, but especially likes salty foods. Strangely likes the number 3. Loves shiny things because they are pretty and wants to collect them.

» Dislikes: Mean or cruel pokémon because of being bullied in the past. Fears large pokémon and bug-types because of their appearances. Unlike most birds, she would never eat a bug-type due to her fear.

» Personality: Sosio loves to flap around as much as possible. She believes exercising her wings will help her evolve faster. She is brave and can handle most any situation, and she loves to talk. She is mostly comfortable around other flying types like herself. She is alert to sounds and is fascinated by everything around her. Wants as many friends as possible to adventure with. She usually talks about herself and her likes to get others to open up to her. Tries not to boast, but only does when the boastable event had just happened. She jokes whenever she comes up with something, and is friendly and tries to stay positive.

» History: Migrated from a foreign land to attempt to join a guild. She was born and raised by her parents in a forest by a river-side. She fell into the river as a baby and drifted far away from her parents. She ended up in a jungle, where she practiced her flight skills in the high tree. She came across a family of Venusaurs, which she originally thought were a bunch of short trees. The Venusaurs surprised her at first when they moved, then they asked why she was here. When they found out she had drifted to the jungle, they offered to take care of her. When she asked if she could journey, they told her about the guild, which intrigued her. As she traveled, she came across a rogue pokemon gang, consisting of a Cacturne, Hypno, and Gengar. She greeted them nicely, but they bullied and insulted her, and became immobilized with fear. They threatened to hurt her if she didn't hand over poke, or tell the gang where to find some. She didn't know what poke was, and they attacked her threateningly. She shriveled back in fear, but rose up and told them to go away or she would call a whole flock of Talonflames to attack. They knew fletchling were usually in flocks, so they ran. She developed her brave personality due to that event, and she hopes that could help her make friends and adventure. Arrives at Grassveil town ecstatically and hopes to make a few friends before joining the guild. Long amounts of flying also inspired her to create a pokemon-to-pokemon delivery system with flying types like the Pelliper Delivery System, where you can ask Sosio or any other flying type who agrees to this to fly over somewhere to deliver a message, and both friends can continue what they are doing.

» Other: Can become absolutely insane when she has to, but is usually determined rather than crazy. This only happens when she is overwhelmed, overexcited, or when she is uncomfortable. Some symptoms are laughing hysterically for no apparent reason, and twitching. It hypes her up, but has no effect in battle. Just makes her spazz and attack her enemies.

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PostSubject: Re: Sosio the Fletchling!   Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:12 pm

Woo! The improvement here is amazing! I'm glad I could help!

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Sosio the Fletchling!
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