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 A bit dazed

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PostSubject: A bit dazed    A bit dazed  - Page 8 EmptyTue Mar 11, 2014 3:59 pm

First topic message reminder :

A never ending paradox circled over and over again as a small young brown furred creature hurdled through the forest. Her fur was pressed down against the surging wind; her cream colored main shot pressure through her belly. The worst part of the whole episode was her tail dragging a weight almost the amount of her front body: it dangled in back creating another obstacle as she continued rushing onwards. Her paws were beginning to get numb from the urban terrain and her belly was beginning to ache with exhaustion. The only thing that kept her repelled from stopping was the heavy sounds of movement coming from behind. They had sharp teeth and varied in height--all much larger than their victim--chasing the poor Pokémon down with a malicious intent.

The brown furred Pokémon began to pant heavier and heavier as she continued onward through the rough terrain. It was a deep jungle-like woods with large manifesting plants; it was as if the whole forest was a tangible reality. But despite the uncanny, the poor critter was unaware that this was all occurring her vast imagination. water... she barely muttered under her breath. "Water!"

A sudden jolt of panic shook the Pokémon awake from her seemly endless nightmare. The forest had transformed into a large warm room with nature looking furniture and walls decorated with pictures of all sorts. She was down on couch that seemed to look a lot like a tree stump--or branch. It was hard for her to tell due to her dazed mind and vivid memory.

OOC: Dusk doesn't know where she is. I ended her history with her passed out in a forest (Due to a dehydration disorder) and an exploration team had found her and brought her back to regain her energy in the guild. She's a wanderer/adventurer so depending on how the roleplay goes I'll decide what to do with her: that's why she doesn't have a particular plot in the character discussions, it's more of just roleplay what you want with her for now till it is discovered how she will be affiliated. Right now she's just recovering in the guild.
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A bit dazed  - Page 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: A bit dazed    A bit dazed  - Page 8 EmptySat Apr 04, 2015 11:44 pm

Sova rolled his eyes and gestured towards the room. "You can wait the storm out here. Besides, we've gotta watch them....", he offered, not seeing any reason why a visitor couldn't stay in their friend's room, especially with the excuse of having to look after said friend while they were ill.

Dusk laid there, asleep, at peace. Maybe tomorrow she'd figure her life out. Today, though, maybe.... she could just take a day to relax.

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A bit dazed
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