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 Kirie the Ralts

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PostSubject: Kirie the Ralts   Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:47 pm

» Name: Kirie
» Gender: Female
» Species: #280 Ralts, the Feeling Pokémon
» Affiliation: The DreamCatchers, a business owned by Morpheus the Drowzee

» Level: 5
» Ability: Telepathy
» Moves:
- Growl (Birth)
- Shadow Sneak (Egg Move)

» Likes:
The World and all of it's Natural Wonders - Whether it be the most magnificent sunset or simple raindrops on the leaves of the trees in a forest, Kirie is one to appreciate and find beauty in everything around her. She feels that everything can be considered beautiful in it's own way, even if not all consider it so.

Singing - Though she doesn't believe her own voice is anything spectacular, she does enjoy to sing, most often singing to herself due to a lack of confidence in her own abilities. For those who do not know her well, it's likely the only time they'll hear her voice at all. Kirie also enjoys humming, and before meeting Morpheus used humming as a way to mask the silence around her when she felt alone.

Sweet fruits and berries, especially Roseli berries - She finds their flavour to be exceptionally desirable, particularly when a berry has a soft texture when bitten into. She isn't sure herself why she is so fond of Roseli berries, but she prefers them over most other berries.

» Dislikes:
Rash decision making - as she believes that things should be thought out at least a little before actually being done, otherwise you're bound to get yourself into all sorts of trouble.

The sound of Thunder - Though Kirie can find beauty in the things most would consider ugly or boring, the sound of thunder frightens her, especially because it reminds her of the first night she ever spent alone.

» Personality:
Kirie is a quiet pokemon who tends to keep her thoughts and emotions to herself. She appears able to remain calm in most situations and can often be found sitting somewhere, just appreciating the world around her. Kirie most often prefers to observe rather than act, especially when it comes to battling due to a fear that she might hurt those around her; because of this she is also very intelligent, having learned from that which she has observed. In her quiet nature, Kirie is not found to speak very often, but when she does her words are usually thought out and carefully chosen. She is a very gentle and reliable pokemon who always remains true to her word.

» History:
Kirie is the only child of a Banette and a Gardevoir who had been friends since they were younger. Inheriting the move Shadow Sneak from her father, as a young child Kirie would amuse herself by scaring her father with the move, as he would often pretend that he was the most confident pokemon there was, though the family knew he only feigned it to stop them from worrying when he was off on his own. he didn't mind this though, and found it quite amusing himself as Kirie grew more experienced at using the move. Sometimes though, he'd turn the tables, catching the young Ralts in the act and promptly scaring her in return. As she grew, she retained this lighthearted relationship with her father, it only being strengthened after Kirie's mother took ill.
Kirie was still young when her mother died and so doesn't remember all that much about her. What she does remember however, is that her father fell into depression and remained this way for over a year before it seemed he had finally recovered. In the years that followed, Kirie remained close with her father and laughed alongside him, but she noticed the looks he would give her when he thought she wasn't looking. She reminded him of her mother; his soulmate. Though he never said it aloud, she could tell. After all she was a Ralts, able to read the emotions and feelings of others through the horns on her head. After years of seeing her father look at her this way, Kirie finally couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't live every day knowing that she'd always remind her father of her mother's untimely death. Writing a note and telling him not to worry, Kirie left to find somewhere she could truly be happy.
The night she left her father's care, a thunderstorm ravaged the area she lived in. To this day she is frightened of the sound of thunder due to how terrified she felt being truly alone for the first time, though she has since come to find lightning to be beautiful in it's own way.
After traveling alone for a while, Kirie came across a Drowzee by the name of Morpheus. Fascinated by his ability to create a Dream Tower within the confines of someone's mind and the ability that gave pokemon to explore the inner recesses of themselves, she decided to travel with him, learning how to create said Dream Tower and also aiding the Drowzee with his business, named Dreamcatchers, where he would help other pokemon rediscover moves that their ancestors had been able to use, but the current generation could not.

» Other: Kirie's personal belief is that 'Everything has beauty and everyone can see it, as long as you keep an open mind.'
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PostSubject: Re: Kirie the Ralts   Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:05 pm

Character has been APPROVED!
Please update your character records with this new addition!
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay with your new character!

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Kirie the Ralts
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