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 Amelli's adventure: Let there be a place for me? [Open]

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Amelli's adventure: Let there be a place for me? [Open] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Amelli's adventure: Let there be a place for me? [Open]   Amelli's adventure: Let there be a place for me? [Open] - Page 2 EmptySun Feb 16, 2014 6:54 pm

First topic message reminder :

"Heeheehee" the soft lushious bell like laugh of the purple snake like pokemon that was currently slithering in a nice strolling manner had finally entered Grassveil town. Her scaly body was covered in dirt but that was to be expected from someone whom had no choice but to slide along on there bellies all day to get from one place to another. Though young and small for her species the pokemon that greatly resembled a purple snake was rather long able to easily wrap around many larger opponents when fully elongated. Her slightly larger round purple head glinted in the sun as her yellow slitted eye's allowed her to see everything with perfect clarity. The purple color that covered her entire upper body and her sides slithered down in scaly patterns until reaching the tail that when angered annoyed or just bored she could use as a rattle thus resembling the rattle snake. Unlike her body this rattle was pure yellow though a lighter shade than her eyes. As if to show were her neck was and her body began the Ekan's species each had a single thick ring around them in a light yellow color that matched the color of her underbelly. Great design make the lighter color go on the mud.

If her direction's and sense of smell were correct which they usually were Amelli was just coming out of the north boundary of the town, Her tounge pink in color would softly slither from her mouth and flail around before retracting, this process would continue slowly as if she did not notice it. Her eyes though big suddenly and though believed impossible grew wider, The guild house was beautiful. Slithering up her body zigzaging while her neck and head remained in the forward position would finally stop as she looked at the place in all its glory. Her eyes darting from wall to wall even to the Spinarak web's upon the flying tower which seemed to be out of order. Looking around her tounge still moving as if on its own she did not see any one coming out. Perhaps she had to go in.

Slithering to the door being a creature with no hands you would think this would be hard. But her tail was stronger and had much more power thus looping it around the handle she would give it a tug and the door would open, Her tail would unwind and she would vanish into the door quick as a flash. Now in the foyer she would gasp, Her eyes easily fell over the tree stump chairs to the former member wall were she recognized a single member, There looking at her younger than ever with what looked like her mother and father was Viper the Seviper but it couldnt be right?, Possibly just a relative or someone who looked like em. Viper didn't know her mother and father. That would be impossible. As her body moved closer slithering down the minor amount of stairs four in total. She would slither past the first floor looking at the mess hall smiling hoping one day she would be eating dinner in that room.

Her slithering would soon take her to the second floor, This is were she saw the room noted to be staff members thus the perfect place to ask. Her head would move around watching staring at the place before letting out a soft squeal of excitement. She was here she was at a guild and if all well went she would be joining. How to contain her excitement. Slithering around the tables moving with great accuracy and dexterity her body would soon be at the door, The tail raised before using the rattle to knock three times. Knock Knock Knock. "H...hi issssssssss anyone inssssssiiiiiidee" she would say her voice failing her nerves begining to creep in. All she kept thinking and praying for was a space. Pleaasssee let there be a placcccee for me. Now all she could do was wait.

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Amelli's adventure: Let there be a place for me? [Open] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Amelli's adventure: Let there be a place for me? [Open]   Amelli's adventure: Let there be a place for me? [Open] - Page 2 EmptyMon Feb 24, 2014 8:37 pm

Smiling happily, Faye sighed, as while the Ekans had completed her signup process, the real work had just begun for her. There were quite a few papers and documents left to be filled out, so the guildmaster made her way back to her quarters.
As much as she loved to sign up new explorers, she would be more than happy to get rid of all the writing she had to do each time.
Ah well, at least the little Poison type was going to have the time of her life.

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Amelli's adventure: Let there be a place for me? [Open]
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