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 Harp draws things sometimes

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PostSubject: Harp draws things sometimes   Wed Jan 15, 2014 2:32 am

I figured this was only fair after spamming up the place last night begging for people to come hang out in the livestream and keep me company, so

a portrait of my Star Wars: The Old Republic character Magpie the Bounty Hunter, with lyrics from a U2 song

Marion being hospitable

and some older things not from the stream from last night, I suppose

ok so maybe it's not christmas. BUT ALL THE TIMES ARE GOOD TIMES FOR GOOMY TIME.

I started doing the pokedexy challenge for December but then pretty much got sidetracked for the rest of the month but at least here's a cute swadloon.

Miles Edgeworth, prosecutor for the Council and yes this is a totally utterly shameless Mass Effect crossover from an ask blog on tumblr I have basically wandered off and forgotten about
but i still like the art, so

let this be a warning, the more I like something, the more crossovers with Mass Effect approach a probability of 100%

I headcanon'd that my instance of the protaganist in Zero Summer (a really nice card-based-ish online story-game widget IDK IT'S HARD TO DESCRIBE BUT GOOD) was a trans-man so I went ahead and doodled him

from this little test of what pokemon are you based on your name. the description going along with it: "this pokemon nimbly climbs over mountains and prefers living in deep caves with glowing mushrooms. she lures her opponents into these caves in order to more easily kill them, and then wears a trophy of each dead opponent on her antlers."

maya fey wandering through a dream from an ace attorney fanfic I'm working on entitled '5150'

the trainer and looker. hell yeah i ship it. (looker here is based off of humphrey bogart.)

Charlie from Rhythm Thief, dressed up in a charizard kigurumi

I played FF14 for awhile, so here's my character Calamity Jonah

braxien gijinka~

rule 34'ing some Star Wars

self portrait of the artist as a magical girl

a quick little sketch of one of my teams from White 2

ratatta waitress

not being that fond of Homestuck didn't stop me from making a fantroll, you see

designs for magical girl gijinkas for the sacred sword trio of legendaries!

my current team in PMD: explorers of sky. Tansy the Skitty is me, with Pippin the Piplup as her main partner (Grizelda's just joined, you see)

probably the last really good oekaki i did

an illustration of That Scene from PMD: explorers of darkness
with my first run-through team, Harper the Chimchar and her bff Maddie the Mudkip, currently being congratulated by famed explorer Dusknoir as Grovyle is in the background seething

Celebi gives Grovyle a goodbye kiss
(i ship it gdi) (you know you ship it too)
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Harp draws things sometimes
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