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 Nereza the Noibat

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PostSubject: Nereza the Noibat   Sun Jan 12, 2014 8:24 am

» Name: Nereza
» Gender: Female
» Species: #714 Noibat, the Sound Wave Pokémon
» Affiliation:
Herself, as it takes a lot for her to trust others.

» Level: 5
» Ability: Telepathy
» Moves:
-Screech (Start)
-Supersonic (Start)
-Outrage (Egg Move)
-Leech Life (Level 5)

» Likes:
Fruitcake - Nereza has always liked the commonly hated cake, perhaps because her species is one that feeds mostly on fruit. She and her mother used to make fruitcakes together when she was younger, though her father and brother both disliked the food.

Fruit in General - Like most Noibat, Nereza's favourite foods are all fruit; she especially likes soft berries or anything with a citrus-y taste.

Cloudless Nights - The night in general is Nereza's preferred time to be active. It is cooler, quieter and in Nereza's opinion, beautiful. But a clear, cloudless night provides the best view of the sky with it's many stars vast distances away. And the moon, casting it's light over the earth, bathing all life below in it's silver glow.

» Dislikes:
Being in the Company of Others - Having been personally betrayed by one of her closest friends as well as part of her family, Nereza finds it hard to trust anyone at all. Whenever she is around someone, whether they be a new face or an old companion, she constantly fears that they will turn on her and leave her as others have done before.

Prejudice and Bullying/Harmful intent to others - Being subjected to bullying and harmful actions during her childhood due to the fear and jealousy others had for what they didn't understand, Nereza had an extreme dislike for those who prematurely judge others, or assume something that is not true without finding the truth out for themselves. She will often go out of her way to help those with similar experiences to herself, or will step in if she sees anything of the kind happening. Though she has no wish to associate with others due to the fear of having them leave of her betray her trust, that won't stop her from trying to help should the situation arise.

Unripe Fruit - Though a common dislike for many Pokemon, Nereza has a personal dislike for unripe fruit. Her father had always liked the sour taste of it and so rather than taking the extra effort to search for ripe fruit that would have already been mostly harvested by the other Pokemon that lived in the area, he would take the unripe fruit from the trees. Though Lucan and their mother would eat it fine, Nereza has always despised the extra sour taste of the undesirable food and would prefer to go out and find her own, ripe fruit even if it meant she go hungry for a few more hours.

» Personality:
Nereza is very distrusting of others to the point where she will often try to physically isolate herself from other pokemon, however this does not mean she is completely apathetic. Despite not being able to find it in herself to trust others, she will not sit by and tolerate someone harming or bullying another pokemon, actively stepping in to protect someone should the situation arise. Nereza is a very intelligent pokemon, being able to figure things out from the smallest details and observations in almost no time at all, however she does not view this as something that makes her superior. Instead she often pretends that said innate ability does not exist, attempting to be just any 'normal' pokemon, but often failing when something interesting catches her eye.

» History:
Nereza was raised as a child of a Noivern and an Archeops, with an older Archen brother; Lucan. Though her parents cared for her and her brother, Nereza's father was especially overbearing. He would frown upon Nereza's innate intelligence and skill for deductive reasoning as he claimed it brought unwanted attention from others, something he wanted to avoid as a reformed criminal. He just wanted to live a normal life with his family. In her early childhood, Nereza was picked on by other local children for the same 'freaky' deductive abilities. When they weren't picking on her for that they called her various names, among them 'fruitcake' as she seemed to like the odd food that most didn't like. One time when said children bullied her, a young Dedenne stepped in and protected her. Very grateful for the Dedenne's actions, they got to talking and became fast friends. The Dedenne, whose name was Adelaide, was the first of the local children to consider her a friend rather than just a freak who they wouldn't associate with purely because she was different. Nereza grew rather attached to Adelaide, spending a lot of time with her new friend. They did nearly everything together and were practically inseparable for years, until Adelaide made a new friends. As Adelaide became friendlier with this new group, she spent less time with Nereza, the Noibat preferring to stay away from them as they were jealous and fearful of her ability to tell them where they lived just from a few twigs and leaves that had been stuck in their fur. They picked on her, much like she'd been picked on when she was younger. However, they did this without Adelaide's knowledge. When Adelaide came to find out, Nereza hoped she'd step in like she had those years ago, except this time she didn't. Preferring the company of her new friends to the 'freaky' Noibat, Adelaide instead joined their name calling and bullying, seeking to fit in with her new friends. Feeling utterly betrayed Nereza flew away; embarrassed and afraid she sought her mother's comfort. The Noivern consoled her and gently wrapped a blue and white striped scarf around her (It was a gift she'd had been working on for Nereza), reassuring her that she'd make new friends. She never saw Adelaide again, and neither did she want to, though the scarf became a symbol of comfort and love to Nereza and she still wears it now.

This however, was not the only turbulent event of Nereza's past. A few years or so after this incident Nereza's father relapsed back into his criminal ways, falling back into his former gang. It was a few weeks before any of their family knew, but Nereza's mother was the first to find out. Nereza discovered this fact by overhearing a heated conversation between her parents. She and Lucan hadn't meant to hear, but they had. Their mother was trying to convince him to stop being a criminal and to go back to being the normal family they had been before. The Archeops said he couldn't, for there were too many relying on him now and he couldn't let them down. "So instead you'll let your family down?" Nereza remembers hearing her mother say. A sudden look of guilt crossed their father's face before he turned and flew off, promising to talk it over with the crew.
Unfortunately, 'the crew' didn't take it too well. They had been elated when the archeops had opted to rejoin their group and weren't ready to let him leave just yet. They proceeded to take out their anger on the one who was trying to take their asset away; Nereza's mother. In this anger, they attacked the forest glade where Nereza and her family would spend most of their time. The Noivern attempted to fight the criminals off but they overpowered her. By the time Nereza's father realised what was going on and returned to the glade, they had dealt a fatal wound to Nereza's mother. Outraged at the death of his soul mate and the loss of the place they called home, the Archeops chased the criminals away, dealing a few wounds of his own. Once they were gone, he sought out his children but only found Lucan. The glade quickly going up in flames as a result of an uncontrolled fire type attack meant that upon searching for and not finding Nereza, the Archeops flew away with Lucas, to protect the last of his family.
Forsaken and with only the smoke and flames to keep her company, Nereza flew away from the glade, not knowing what other course of action she could take. Alone, she found the time to contemplate her situation. Between Adelaide's betrayal, her father's relapse back into his criminal ways, his (perceived) abandonment of her and the actions of his former friends, Nereza had lost faith in other pokemon. Her mother had been the only one she had ever known to be truly kind and trustworthy - and now she was gone.

Now four months later, Nereza wanders alone trying to find her place in the world.

» Other:
Nothing of note.
Edit: She has a fear of crowds/large groups of pokemon.

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PostSubject: Re: Nereza the Noibat   Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:05 am

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!


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Nereza the Noibat
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