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 X and Y Characters - January 2014

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X and Y Characters - January 2014 Empty
PostSubject: X and Y Characters - January 2014   X and Y Characters - January 2014 EmptySun Jan 12, 2014 8:17 am

The Energy System that you will have likely heard about before now is unfortunately taking longer than anticipated to implement. Because of this, and the fact that much data concerning movepools, egg moves and tutor moves for the new Pokemon is near complete on most sites now, we will be allowing X and Y characters before the Energy System is completed; earlier than what we had originally planned.

As of the 12th of January 2014 the new Pokemon from the X and Y Pokedex can be used as characters.

The Energy System however will not be complete for another few weeks.
Happy Roleplaying!

X and Y Characters - January 2014 P5_sty10

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X and Y Characters - January 2014
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