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 Character Records for Felius.

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PostSubject: Character Records for Felius.   Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:13 pm

Don't ya lay a hand on my giraffe!

» Link to Original Bio: Eljang the Girafarig.
» Name: Eljang.
» Gender: Male.
» Species: #203, Girafarig. The Long Neck Pokémon.
» Affiliation: Explorer who's not in a guild.

» Level: 6.
» Energy: 23. (17(Base) + 6(Level))
» Ability: Early Bird.
» Moveset:
-Power Swap(Start)
-Double Kick(Egg Move)
-Guard Swap(Start)
» Forgotten Moves: None for the moment.

» Inventory: (Italicized - Not for trade | @ - Equipped)


» Total Page Count: 5.
» Pages left until next level: 5.
» Threads:
Bold = Active. / Striked = Dead. / Italic = Inactive. / Underlined = Finished.

So this is how a town looks? - 2 Pages | Used to be open for everyone.
Surrounded by trees and pink berries - a walk through Pecha Forest. - 1 Page | Closed due to system expiration.
A Dandy Time in the Woods! The Furfrou and the Girafarig!?
- 1 Page | Probably closed to me and Kodi.
The Town of Beginnings - 1 Page | Open for anyone.

» Relationships:
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Character Records for Felius.
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