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 Avaria the Oshawott

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PostSubject: Avaria the Oshawott   Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:21 pm

» Name: Avaria, but she goes by Ava.
» Gender: Female.
» Species: Oshawott, #501, the Sea Otter Pokemon.
» Affiliation: Outlaw.

» Level: 5
» Ability: Shell Armor.
» Moves:
-Tail Whip(Beginning)
-Night Slash(Egg Move)

» Likes:
Any source of water- Ava loves the rain, the ocean, ponds, anything having to do with water. She enjoys the feeling of home it brings to her as it reminds her of simpler times and her loved ones. The Oshawott also believes in a symbolic meaning of water, seeing it as a source of cleansing and rebirth.

Freedom- She loves the feeling being free to do as she pleases brings her. Be it traveling wherever she wants, taking from whoever she chooses or occasionally lending a hand to someone who needs it. Anytime life gives her a choice, she always bases it on her beliefs, not the beliefs of others.

Talking- Whether on her own or with anyone else, Ava loves to talk about anything that comes to mind. This makes her subject to talking to herself occasionally and sometimes saying a bit too much to other Pokemon, occasionally hinting at whatever she's doing at the moment.

» Dislikes:
Leadership- In hand with her love of freedom, she hates being on either side of leadership. She sees having a leader as being under the control of someone and having to do as they say, disregarding her own feelings. As a leader she feels she's simply not a good leader at all, having caused the deaths of two or possibly more family members due to her decisions in the past.

Overly calm attitudes- While she tries to emulate one of these for herself, Ava hates Pokemon who keep a calm and all-knowing attitude in any situation, not being able to read or predict them and wanting to see some sort of emotion coming from them.

» Personality: If one word could be used to describe Ava that would be free-spirited. She loves her freedom, cherishing it more then anything else and refuses to participate in anything that would make her lose it in her eyes. She tends to be stubborn, demanding things go her way and trusting her ideas more then anyone else's. When she's doing something important, she tries to keep a level headed and cool demeanor, but if agitated she can easily transition back into her regular personality, rash and reckless at times. She's rather adept in the art of sarcasm but can be genuine and serious when she feels she needs to be. Whenever she has to work together with someone, she is reluctant in getting herself get attached to them because of the fact that she's an outlaw, and also because she believes that anyone who sticks around with her for too long ends up worse, occasionally dead even as she has seen.

» History: Ava hatched into a family comprised of her mother, a Samurott, and her father, an Absol. She had three other siblings, two brothers and a sister. Their family was rather close, and they lived in their own little cave by the shore. It was just large enough for the group to live and grow up in, and fit perfectly for them. Her parents could be described as neutral, no thieves or explorers but just simply Pokemon looking to survive and raise a family. Being the second oldest, Ava's thieving days started when times became harder to supply the group, and she resorted to stealing from others. Nobody really looked down upon this, as they figured she was just trying to provide.
After a time, her father left, leaving her with her siblings and mother. This only caused her habits of stealing to intensify, until it came to a head. She stole from some powerful Pokemon, who followed her home unknowingly after she did so. They attacked her family, and she and her siblings managed to escape and separate. When she returned later she found that her mother didn't survive the attack.
With memories of this event fresh in her mind, she was prompted by thoughts of revenge to continue providing for herself however she could, and eventually be able to take down the two Pokemon who killed her mother. During her travels she met a few other Pokemon she formed a group of four with, one of those members being a torchic who turned out to be her half-sister, her mother having had her with Ava's father. The two half-siblings had a sort of complicated relationship, with mixed feelings of resentment and happiness towards each other. At the same time while meeting her half-sister, Ava also got to meet her father once again, though she wasn't very pleased with it and revealed that her mother had been killed before leaving, not bothering to wait for a reaction from him.
The group worked together for a time, but eventually went their separate ways after a job went badly. The separation was somewhat hard for her at first, and Ava began talking to herself occasionally, as if she were talking to her companions. After a short time she still did this, but managed to get over it and move on with her life. Throughout this time though, Ava had gotten stronger and thought she could take on the ones who attacked her family. Enlisting the help of her reluctant younger brother, the two found one of the Pokemon and attacked him with the element of surprise. The battle was tough, and in the end Ava had managed to kill him, believing that she had won without a loss. It took a few minutes for her to notice the fatal wounds her brother had, and tried to help him. After about a day he wasn't getting better, only worse, and Ava put him out of his misery.
With her revenge feeling hollow, she took her mind off of the second Pokemon she was looking to take down and instead went off on her own, going back to her lifestyle of staying on her own and providing for herself only. Currently she finds herself wandering around various areas, but always returning to Shadowhue.

» Other: She wears a somewhat tattered red scarf around her neck that does nothing special, and keeps a brown old bag with her that can hold about five items. She also carries her younger brother's scalchop on her back, saving it for the day she evolves and can use two.

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PostSubject: Re: Avaria the Oshawott   Sun Dec 08, 2013 4:49 pm

A very good bio ya got there. it would be a shame if something happened to it I really like her!

Character has been APPROVED!
Please continue to update your character records with this new addition!
Now continue to have fun and roleplay with your new character! that's an order

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Avaria the Oshawott
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