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 Character Records!

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PostSubject: Character Records!   Sat Nov 30, 2013 4:56 am

» Name: Keiff
» Gender: Male
» Species: Croagunk the toxic mouth Pokemon #453
» Affiliation: Wandering Sales Poke

» Level: Lv. 5
» Ability: Poison Touch - If a Pokémon with this ability uses a move that makes contact, there is a 30% chance the target will be poisoned.
» Moves:
-Bullet Punch - Egg Move
-Mud Slap - Lv. 3
-No Move 3 -
-No Move 4 -

» Likes: Keiff enjoys swimming, gardening, and the thrill of traveling the world and selling assorted berry's to the other Pokemon in the world. Keiff likes to walk the road less traveled and keeps the mantra to live and let live, nothing is worth getting too worked up over unless its the life of another, it can be replaced. He really enjoys the company of steel types, as they have an immunity to his natural poison.

» Dislikes: Accidentally poisoning others, it has happened enough that Keiff keeps his right hand wrapped in cloth. Other than a few minor complaints Keiff only other dislike is arid/dry places, his sky will crack and flake if he spends to much time in a place not suited to his needs. Keiff trys to aviod confrontational Pokemon as he tends to clash with them and that is not in his nature, he really dislikes having to fight although he can and will fight if his back is absolutely to the wall and another way out is not available.

» Personality:Keiff is a kind hearted and giving Croagunk, not at all the fighting type that his parents wished he would be. He is goofy in a simple minded way, and likely naive enough to give berries to the sick or needy Pokemon in some cases leaving himself with no income, but its all part of his nature.

» History: Keiffs mother was a Croagunk and his father was a Hitmonchan, both excellent Dungeon explorers and fighters, how they gave birth to such a silly mannered egg is unknown. The majority of Keiff's youth was spent following disappointingly in his parents foot prints but he could never fill a print so large, he came to realize that fighting for him had to be a last ditch effort in survival or he would not commit to it. Once Keiff accepted this things became easier, he could help other Pokemon in his own way. After a few months of trying assorted attempts he found his niche in life, Berries, he had a knack for growing Leppa and Oran berries! Although they both fill a similar role, the two berries had different flavors, they were his contribution to the world and so far he has managed to leave a small bush or two in a few of the towns he passed through. Keiff is now looking to settle down, and start to make a home, adventure calls to him but he knows he will not always be a young Poke.

» Other: Keiff is 2'2" and 45Lbs, wearing a dull red scarf around his neck and upon his right hand are gray wrappings, clearly to stop the possibility of poisoning another Pokemon on accident.
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Character Records!
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