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 Jeremy's Character Records

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PostSubject: Re: Jeremy's Character Records   Wed Nov 20, 2013 5:00 pm

Team Magna

What it is...

Team Magna is an exploration co-founded by Jeremy Blackwood the snivy and Kuro the sneasel. This particular team idealizes the concept of greatness and prestige as its hallmarks, to do the best in any situation and make a name for yourselves. Small scale is no scale at all. Team Magna shoots high, and the structure of the team is supposed to be as efficient as possible. Although it has yet to be Grassveil's most well known team, Jeremy plans to fix that by taking and completing notable missions. The snivy has recorded all events that have transpired with the team so far with a log in mind for the future to prove their accomplishments.

Originally founded with just two members who could not have been any more different, Kuro and Jeremy make a deadly team when pressed none the less. With Jeremy as a skilled fighter and tactician in his own right and Kuro as the powerful survivalist, the two pokemon use team based tactics to solve problems. In this way, future additions to the team favor personal excellence off the field but strive to work together when it matters.

How one views excellence in Team Magna doesn't seem to matter. More than anything, the ideals of Team Magna focuses more on achieving despite the end goal in mind. Members come to use the team as a method for accomplishing personal goals, and their contributions make Team Magna more famous in the long run.

Other exploration teams usually favor honor, glory, adventure, and benevolence. Team Magna does not deny the place and worth of any of those ideals, and strives to meet those as well. However, Team Magna is a team made in ambition. It strives to make itself known, and does not want to be constrained by anything to prevent that. Ambition, cunning, intelligence, personal drive, and the ability to work together are values that Team Magna favors more than others.

Current Roster
Jeremy Blackwood- Born in nobility from foreign lands, Jeremy is Team Magna's self proclaimed leader and one of the original co-founders. Although his position may be up for debate, in the male snivy's mind he is the one best equipped to handle the responsibilities of running a team. He still takes critique and advice if he believes they are good points, and does not control his teammates so much as guides them. He has big plans for Team Magna, and tries to form out a coherent direction for it to take. An excellent strategist and skilled fighter, Jeremy directs the team and ensures everyone is cared for.
Kuro- Although one might be fooled by the female sneasel's seemingly deranged mind, Kuro tends to surprise people when it matters. A cunning survivalist, she is one of the team's best fighters due to her type and move set. Beyond that, Kuro is great at thinking on her feet. One of the original co-founders, Kuro complements Jeremy while also being the antithesis to him. Although their personalities clash regularly, when the two work together its almost like a natural fit. When Jeremy makes plans in the long run, Kuro ensures when they are out in the field that they live long enough to see those plans come to fruition.
Crysel- Thats right. Team Magna actually has two sneasels. However, Crysel could not be any more different from Kuro. Cunning, composed, and alert, she is a skilled survivalist and hunter from northern lands. Out of all the teammates in Magna, Crysel is usually the first to criticize Jeremy for what she perceives as a wrong maneuver. Likewise, Jeremy at times can get flustered when he gets challenged in such a way. Despite that though, Crysel's calm demeanor and intellect, despite being uneducated, meshes well into the team dynamic. Crysel can allow the team to keep focus, freeing Jeremy from such responsibilities so he can lead better. The two often compare plans and strategies, and the overall teamwork minimizes the risks and ensures the mission goes relatively smoothly. Besides that, like Kuro, Crysel is an experienced fighter.

Current Team Points

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Jeremy's Character Records
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