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 Adopting Skylar the Eevee

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Adopting Skylar the Eevee Empty
PostSubject: Adopting Skylar the Eevee   Adopting Skylar the Eevee EmptyThu Aug 15, 2013 12:18 am

» Name: Skylar
» Gender: Female
» Species: #133 - Eevee - The Evolution Pokemon
» Affiliation/Rank: None as of yet

» Why do you want to adopt them?: Well, one of the big reasons I'm adopting Skylar is because she used to belong to Melody, a huge internet friend of mine. When she disappeared, she left this character and I want to preserve her memory. This wonderful Eevee came from a wonderful roleplayer, and I'd hate to see such a Pokemon go to waste.

Now, I don't want to seem like I'm adopting Skylar just because of her creator. I really like her character, and I can think of some good opportunities for character development. For example, she could end up failing a mission or being stuck in a storm. She has good flaws and fears and a nice personality overall. Sky is also a good opposite to my first character Tallulah. Tally resisted being ladylike, Sky accepted being so. Tally is aggressive and rowdy, while Sky is calm and tolerant. Adopting Sky will give me practice with two contrasting personalities and will also provide a fresh experience and new roleplaying opportunities for me.

» Sample of roleplay: Skylar had reached the town of Grassveil a couple hours earlier and was now walking through the quaint settlement, taking in the sights and sounds. It wasn't too noisy for the Eevee's tastes, though she believed that her home of Rainfront was quieter. Still, it was a small difference and it didn't bother Sky too much.

The Eevee turned down a street on the outskirts of Grassveil. Off to the side was a huge tree. It was a curious find, and Skyler decided to investigate. She walked up to the tree, hoping to learn about its origin.

"Hey you!" a voice called, startling Skylar. A Timburr walked up to the Eevee, carrying a sandwich containing what looked to be Oran Berry jam. Sky hadn't noticed it when she saw the tree looming above her. It didn't look angry, which was good, but it did surprise her.

"Eevee, what're you doin' here? You lost or somethin'?" the Timbur asked.

"No, just curious," replied Sky simply. "Might I ask what is this place?"

"This is the Feather Cafe!"

"Oh, a cafe?" Skyler replied, interested in learning more about it. A cafe sounded like a wonderful place. She could bring a book, order a hot drink and maybe a sandwich and just relax, though this fantasy was quickly broken by the Timburr's next comment.

"Yup, a cafe. The only problem is that it's closed for now, for renovations n' stuff. Heck, I'd be  workin' on it right now, but I'm on my lunch break," he replied with a chuckle, lifting up his sandwich to prove his point more.

Skylar sighed. "Oh well," she said. She had gotten her hopes up, but at least it wasn't closed forever. She'd probably be back soon. The little Eevee wanted to see the Feather Cafe open in the near future. "Thanks anyway."  Skylar said, turning back to continue to explore the town of Grassveil.

"No problem miss!" the Timburr replied. Skyler turned back and smiled at the construction worker as she left to continue on with her day.

» Link to the original bio: http://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t908-up-for-adoption-skylar-the-eevee

» Levels of existing characters: Tallulah the Buizel - Level 10

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Adopting Skylar the Eevee Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adopting Skylar the Eevee   Adopting Skylar the Eevee EmptyThu Aug 15, 2013 3:11 pm


Approved by Nocive~
Please update your records accordingly and proceed to roleplaying!

My stupidity surpasses all logic, therefore, pineapple.Adopting Skylar the Eevee 302


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Adopting Skylar the Eevee
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