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 Exploration Ranks

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PostSubject: Exploration Ranks   Exploration Ranks EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 10:58 am

Exploration Ranks

These ranks are how other Pokemon can tell how accomplished your team is. Exploration points can be gained by doing missions and going on Guild explorations. This topic is also useful for Bulletin Board Updaters as they are the ones who update the Guild ranks in the Guild Records.


Exploration Ranks
These are the ranks that define how good an exploration team is. Also detailed is how many exploration points you must gain to rise up in rank. There are also rewards for gaining a rank and your team can gain access to harder ranked missions on the Bulletin Boards.

(Rank Name - Total Points Needed ~ Rewards)
Grey Rank - 0 ~ Access to F ranked missions and Guild facilities. (Guild Affiliation)
White Rank - 25 ~ Access to F and E ranked missions
Bronze Rank - 100 ~ Access to missions ranked F to D and able to go on Guild Expeditions
Silver Rank - 225 ~ Access to missions ranked F to C
Gold Rank - 350 ~ Access to missions ranked F to B, Able to attempt the Guild Graduation Exam
Platinum Rank - 500 ~ Access to missions ranked F to A, qualified to escort others to Meteor Valley
Emerald Rank - 675 ~ Access to missions ranked F - S, qualified to escort others to Mysterious Grove
Diamond Rank - 900 ~ Access to missions ranked F - *5
Legendary Rank -  1,500 ~ Access to missions ranked F - XX
Master Rank - 3,000 ~ 1 Golden Seed and 10'000 Poke per team member

Job Rewards
Depending on the difficulty of a job, you also get rewarded a set amount of exploration points for completing it. Your team must be a certain rank to do some jobs, but that is detailed later on.

Lower Difficulty Ranks
(Difficulty of Mission - Exploration Points Earned on Completion)
F - 5
E - 15
D - 20
C - 25
B - 30
A - 35
S - 40

Higher Difficulty Ranks
(Difficulty - Points Earned)
*0 - 50
*1 - 60
*2 - 70
*3 - 80
*4 - 90
*5 - 100
X - 150
XX - 200

Exploration Ranks P5_sty10

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Exploration Ranks
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