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 Sebastian Prism the Cubone

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PostSubject: Sebastian Prism the Cubone   Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:46 pm

Sebastian Prism

Sorcerer Extraordinaire


#104: Cubone



15 lbs

A true Sorcerer devotes himself to the pursuit of knowledge. Naturally, he wishes to join a guild or team of like-minded individuals some day.


Ancient Power [egg]
Tail Whip [lv. 0]
Growl [lv. 3]


To sum up Sebastian in a single sentence, he's 'absolutely willing to help with 100% of everything ever'. Almost everything Sebastian does is for the sake of others, as opposed to his own sake. Mostly, this is due to how low of a self-esteem Sebastian has. He has issues believing in himself, and needs the confirmation of others to not feel like a waste of life.

Once he gets over this, however, Sebastian is more cheery than the average cubone. He's hyperactive, easily excitable, and loves nothing more than to hang out with generally nice people. Sure, he may bother others with his constant apologies for percieved failures - But deep down, the critter has a heart of gold and would never intentionally do anything wrong.

Mentally, Sebastian is quite open-minded to just about any topic. He is quick to understand and grasp new concepts, and tends to think that he excells at critical thinking and problem solving. The cubone's logical mind tend to help him know just the right thing to say at just the right time - So long as he's not pressured into a fast decision.

Sebastian is prone to rather intense bouts of depression, unfortunately, and isn't terribly physically strong. He's quite shy and has a hard time getting over the mental block that he's bothering and an annoyance to everyone ever - And yet, at the same time, he's afraid of silence and being left alone. Additionally, this creature has a bit of a hard time understanding the concept of emotions. It's not uncommon for Sebastian to ignore everyone and everything to try an work out his own feelings - To say nothing of the numerous insensitive comments he accidentally blurts out!

Sebastian is absolutely enthralled with the idea of magic. No matter if it's sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors, tricks, or the real deal, he one day wishes to become the greatest Sorcerer the world has ever known! Naturally, one doesn't simply become a legend overnight. As such, he researches and practices all the time - With or without an audience.

Aside from his obsession with Magic, Sebastian enjoys a few other hobbies. One of his favorites is probably performing. As counter-intuitive as it sounds for such a shy creature, this particular cubone loves getting on stage and partaking in plays. The sillier his costume, the more he can throw his voice, the better.

When he can't find an audience or a decent role to play, Sebastian likes to go out and simply climb things. Staying in shape is important, no matter who or what you are, afterall. What better way to keep fit than to scale cliffs and buildings, obtaining a new perspective on life along the way?

Of course, after a long day's work, Sebastian likes nothing better than to come home and read a good book. He reads anything and everything that is fiction that he can get his hands on. Occasionally, the critter writes his own stories and poems, but he's to embarrassed about his work to show it to anyone.

Fears & Dislikes
Not everything is perfect in life, unfortunately. Even Sebastian has his own fears and dislikes. Number one on his list would probably have to be the fear of being useless. Sure, he fears darkness, spiders, being eaten, other normal things. But to Sebastian, nothing is worse than feeling like he's a waste of existence. This is perhaps why he tries so hard to be a good person to everyone he meets. Aside from that, however, Sebastian has some pretty normal dislikes. He hates being alone, tends to avoid bitter food...Nothing to terribly out of place.

Sebastian was hatched in Grassveil Town on a spring evening. Not the most terribly exciting beginning for a future legend, but...One takes what they can. No-one really knew who his parents were - Sebastian's egg was simply found one day.

As most of his kind do, the first month or so of Sebastian's life was devoted to crafting his skull helmet from any stone and clay he could find. After, he began his research into magic. He found a few books, and off he went to reading, practicing, and researching into it. It didn't take the creature long to figure out that this is what he wanted to do with his life - To become the greatest sorcerer the world has ever known!

The cubone managed to scrape along for a while by performing a few shows every now and then. Eventually, he was able to afford his garb that he now can't hardly be found without. Still, it wasn't enough for Sebastian - Sure, he loved what he did. But it just felt like it was lacking...something! His life needed more adventure, more flair! It didn't take long for Sebastian to begin exploring out on his own, looking for new secrets to learn from.

So far, the creature has only done small scale adventures. Little jaunts outside the boundaries of the town to see what's out there. And yet..Sebastian loved the thrill every time he went out. It wouldn't take long for him to get it into his head to join an exploration team, if only so he could see more of the world! Packing nothing more than a journal to record his adventures within, Sebastian set out to greet the rest of the world.

His real adventure starts now. For better or for worse, it would certainly be exciting..!

Aside from the club that all Cubones seem to carry around, Sebastian has his sorcerer's robe & hat in his possession. They serve no purpose other than to make him feel special, though the cloak provides an interior pocket to hide small things inside.

These stylish-yet-functional threads were obtained as a result of the creature's entertainment work. Not only did they add to the wonder and mystery of his shows, but they helped the creature hide the necessary tools of the magician. Even if Sebastian doesn't perform as much as he used too, he still finds the outfit rather dashing, and thus wears it everywhere he goes.

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PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Prism the Cubone   Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:32 pm

Sorry, but I cannot approve of this bio due to a few issues.

1.) Missing Fields
Affiliation and Ability is not in bio. Please include these. Affiliation tells of your character's position and membership towards tribes/organizations/groups etc. while Ability speaks for itself.

2.) Pokedex
Please include your character's National Pokedex number under the Species field.

3.) Others
If your character is bringing around a bag or items, please include so. Bag capacity and current items should be indicated under the 'Others' field. Only sentimental possessions are allowed.

Other than these, your bio is turning out splendid! ^^

My stupidity surpasses all logic, therefore, pineapple.


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PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Prism the Cubone   Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:53 pm

Really? I got 3 or 4 people to proofread, they tell me I'll be denied because I don't follow the coding the way everyone else does...And none of them catch the missing fields? Sheesh, now I know who to sue for mental trauma.

Regardless, the issues should be resolved now. -salute-
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Posts : 655
Poké : 3100
Join date : 2012-11-15
Age : 19
Location : Somewhere, brooding on and on about the horrors of bleeding writing materials.

PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Prism the Cubone   Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:58 pm

AWESOMESAUCE! Have a great time RPing!

Character has been APPROVED!
Be sure to create your Character Records!

My stupidity surpasses all logic, therefore, pineapple.


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PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Prism the Cubone   

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Sebastian Prism the Cubone
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