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 Crazy lady, formally training, etc.

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PostSubject: Crazy lady, formally training, etc.   Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:31 am

Setting: Pecha Forest on a slightly humid afternoon due to the rains that were the night before, the forest floor still squelched with a bit of mud and moisture that still clung to the grass underfoot. The trees with busy with life, birds flying here and there in search for their morning meals, and to feed their little nestlings. The morning felt like it was going to be an easy day, but what I know about life is that nothing is ever that easy. Daylight hung in the air, going through trees to create beams of light which lit up small spots of the muddied grass, creating more dry spots here and there.


It had been a few hours since Zeri and Acro had gone their own ways, Acro saying he had something to do about boxes and berries, or something like that. The Pawniard looks at the sky, not minding the mud on his feet as he moved slowly through the grass, the beams of light making him squint his eyes. This area was new to him, but he knew that the Pecha Berries that grew here were a very delicious variety... if only useless to his people due to being Steel types.

"Man... it feels like it's gonna be hot today... damn, I hate too much heat."

Zeri looks around the current area that he was in, wondering if he could find anything worthwhile to help him on his journey...
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PostSubject: Re: Crazy lady, formally training, etc.   Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:01 am

"I HATE going on land!" Bait (a fairly small carvanha) moaned to herself, moving one fin in front of the other as she had done before. "It's so uncomfortable, and I'm so immobile. What's the appeal in this stuff, anyway? Why am I even here?!"
 Of course she knew why she was in the Pecha Forest, of course; pure and utter boredom. Roaming around in the pond, scaring the occasional visitor and having the rare chat failed to keep her entertained for the past few weeks, and she was desperate for anything, even taking to the lands, to quell her boredom.
 Now that she was here, however, she started to wonder if boredom wasn't all that bad in comparison. At least in the pond, the waters kept her cool, and she could move in all directions. Not to mention, the looks on people's faces when she managed to get a scare out of them were priceless.
 So caught up in her thoughts, the walking carvanha failed to notice a lone Pawniard surveying the area.
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Crazy lady, formally training, etc.
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